Lindale junior running back Jordan Jenkins captured District 9-5A Division II football Offensive MVP honors.

Jenkins carried the ball 207 times in the regular season for 1,321 yards.

Whitehouse senior Peyton Kennedy, who starred for the Wildcats on both sides of the football, was chosen as the district’s Utility Player of the Year.

Marshall’s Savion Williams — a three-star receiver — moved to quarterback for the Mavericks during the season and was selected as the Most Valuable Player in the district.

Marshall also had the Defensive MVP — senior Ky’gze Turner — and Coach of the Year (Jake Griedl).

Jacksonville’s Patrick Clater and Pine Tree’s Tyler Sheffield shared Offensive Newcomer of the Year honors.

Mount Pleasant sophomore Tre Emory was chosen as the Defensive Newcomer of the Year.

First-team offensive selections were Pine Tree quarterback DJ Freeman; Marshall’s Dominique Williams, Nacogdoches’ Camorian Thacker and Mount Pleasant’s Caleb Jones at running back; Nacogdoches’ Drayton Brown and Mount Pleasant’s Jalen Williams at fullback; Pine Tree’s JJ Sparkman and Gabe Adams, Lindale’s Conner Boyette and Jacksonville’s Chris Carpenter; Lindale’s Dylan Worrell at tight end; Pine Tree’s Christian Webb and Jadarlon Key, Marshall’s Lewis Dunn and Jarius Mitchell, Nacogdoches’ Nash Jones and Riley Birdwell, Whitehouse’s Gunner Clark, Lindale’s Zach Baggett and Jacksonville’s Marco Nunez at offensive line.

Special teams players on the first team were Jacksonville’s Alejandro Sanchez at kicker; Lindale’s Jordan Jenkins at kick returner; Nacogdoches’ Jesus Ibarra and Whitehouse’s Cooper Clemons at punter; and Nacogdoches’ Eddie Cross at punt return specialist.

First-team defensive line selections were Pine Tree’s Colton Munoz, Marshall’s Kayce Hurd, Michael Washington and James Washington, Nacogdoches’ Kamazjay Deckard and Jacovia Barnes, Mount Pleasant’s Bo Nesbitt, Whitehouse’s Ty Ward and Lindale’s Ethan Thornton. Nacogdoches’ Johnny Romero, Whitehouse’s Nick McGrew, Lindale’s Kolton Primeaux and Jacksonville’s Aaron Richardson were at inside linebacker; Nacogodches’ Jaden Hall, Mount Pleasant’s Christion Cervantes, Whitehouse’s Jack Clark and Jacksonville’s Tyree Gipson at outside linebacker; Marshall’s Kevin Pinson, Lindale’s Aarik Williams, Jacksonville’s Steven Gallegos and Nacogdoches’ Dillon Williams at safety; and Marshall’s Jared Washington and Darius Williams, Nacogdoches’ Eddie Cross, Whitehouse’s Cooper Clemons and Lindale’s Walker Oglesby at cornerback.

The team was selected by the district’s coaches.



MVP: Savion Williams, Sr., Marshall

Offensive MVP: Jordan Jenkins, Jr., Lindale

Offensive Newcomers of the Year: Tyler Sheffield, Jr., Pine Tree; Patrick Clater, Jr., Jacksonville

Defensive MVP: Ky’gze Turner, Sr., Marshall

Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Tre Emory, Soph., Mount Pleasant

Utility Player of the Year: Peyton Kennedy, Sr., Whitehouse

Coach of the Year: Jake Griedl, Marshall



Quarterback: D.J. Freeman, Pine Tree; Running back: Dominique Williams, Marshall; Camorian Thacker, Nacogdoches; Caleb Jones, Mount Pleasant; Fullback: Drayton Brown, Nacogdoches; Jalen Williams, Mount Pleasant; Receiver: J.J. Sparkman, Pine Tree; Gabe Adams, Pine Tree; Conner Boyette, Lindale; Chris Carpenter, Jacksonville; Tight end: Dylan Worrell, Lindale; Line: Christian Webb, Pine Tree; Jadarlon Key, Pine Tree; Lewis Dunn, Marshall; Jarius Mitchell, Marshall; Nash Jones, Nacogdoches; Riley Birdwell, Nacogdoches; Gunner Clark, Whitehouse; Zach Baggett, Lindale; Marco Nunez, Jacksonville; Kicker: Alejandro Sanchez, Jacksonville; Kick returner: Jordan Jenkins, Lindale


Line: Colton Munoz, Pine Tree; Kayce Hurd, Marshall; Michael Washington, Marshall; James Washington, Marshall; Kamazjay Deckard, Nacogdoches; Jacovia Barnes, Nacogdoches; Bo Nesbitt, Mount Pleasant; Ty Ward, Whitehouse; Ethan Thornton, Lindale; Inside linebacker: Johnny Romero, Nacogdoches; Nick McGrew, Whitehouse; Kolton Primeaux, Lindale; Aaron Richardson, Jacksonville; Outside linebacker: Jaden Hall, Nacogdoches; Christon Cervantes, Mount Pleasant; Jack Clark, Whitehouse; Tyress Gipson, Jacksonville; Safety: Kevin Pinson, Marshall; Airik Williams, Lindale; Steven Gallegos, Jacksonville; Dillon Williams, Nacogdoches; Cornerback: Jared Washington, Marshall; Darius Williams, Marshall; Eddie Cross, Nacogdoches; CooperClemons, Whitehouse; Walker Oglesby, Lindale; Punter: Jesus Ibarra, Nacogdoches; Cooper Clemons, Whitehouse; Punt returner: Eddie Cross, Nacogdoches



Quarterback: Kaden Casey, Whitehouse; Jake Smith, Nacogdoches; Running back: Peyton Kennedy, Whitehouse; Aaron Richardson, Jacksonville; Joe Jordan, Marshall; Fullback: Kasey Canady, Jacksonville; Receiver: Nikema Williams, Pine Tree; Hayden Kelehan, Marshall; Nolan Sirmons, Hallsville; Brian Pullum, Hallsville; Skyler Trevino, Whitehouse; Tight end: Jarrett Phillips, Marshall; Line: Cole Salazar, Pine Tree; Joseph Monk, Pine Tree; Remon Jones, Marshall; Dale Dawes, Hallsville; Luke Laird, Nacogdoches; Garrett Fieden, Whitehouse; Caleb Moore, Lindale; Moses Medrano, Lindale; Luke Sandifer, Lindale; Kobe Anderson, Jacksonville; Kicker: Angel Mendieta, Marshall; Chris Landeros, Nacogdoches; Kick returner: Conner Boyette, Lindale; Ken-della Wood, Whitehouse


LINE: Christian Jackson, Marshall; Justice Nelson, Hallsville; Mike Jones, Nacogdoches; Richard Hall, Mount Pleasant; Omar Lopez, Whitehouse; Jessie Hamelinck, Lindale; Justin Griffin, Jacksonville; Inside linebacker: Dallas Dixon, Pine Tree; Terrell Davis, Marshall; Blake Ware, Hallsville; Hagan Hollaway, Mount Pleasant; Jaret Allen, Lindale; Bryson Tatum, Jacksonville; Outside linebacker: Sam Williams, Pine Tree; Romeo Cooper, Marshall; Londarius Pleasant, Nacogdoches; Jayden Brandon, Whitehouse; Safety: Lyrik Rawls, Marshall; Reid Boyett, Nacogdoches; Braylon Ratcliff, Nacogdoches; Zane Phillips, Mount Pleasant; Kasey Canady, Jacksonville; Jayden Knox, Marshall; Cornerback: Keelan Turner, Pine Tree; Courtney Stitmon, Pine Tree; Tyrell Gardner, Nacogdoches; Markus Warren, Whitehouse; D.J. Walton, Lindale; Jaylon Freeney, Jacksonville; Punter: Josh Gongorah, Mount Pleasant; Colton Beeler, Lindale; Punt returner: Airik Williams, Lindale



Quarterback: Corey Thomas, Pine Tree; Carter Rogas, Hallsville; Sam Peterson, Lindale; Patrick Clater, Jacksonville; Kaleb Thompson, Mount Pleasant; Running back: Tre Fulton, Hallsville; Jamarian Sanders, Nacogdoches; Carter Adams, Whitehouse; Dominic Hinojosa, Jacksonville; Quan Burleigh, Nacogdoches; Receiver: Jamaal Moore, Nacogoches; Joe Carter, Nacogdoches; Trevor Theiring, Whitehouse; Brayson Campbell, Lindale; Corrion McCullough, Jacksonville; JoJo Brown, Mount Pleasant; Demarcus Williams, Marshall; Jatavius Deckard, Nacogdoches; Ken’Della Wood, Whitehouse; Fullback: Quay Burleigh, Nacogdoches; Tight end: Trey Ford, Hallsville; Austin Barron, Whitehouse; Line: Reagan Bailey, Hallsville; Josiah Smith, Nacogdoches; Lance Deal, Whitehouse; Zalatiel Antonio, Jacksonville; Aiden Gay, Jacksonville; Joel Vasquez, Marshall; Kicker: Brandt Herber, Pine Tree; Buck Buchanan, Hallsville


Line: Cortez McPhail, Pine Tree; Mark Daniels, Pine Tree; James Nehk, Hallsville; Chance Collins, Hallsville; JaTyrece Anderson, Nacogdoches; Jerry Kennedy, Whitehouse; Marshall Johnson, Whitehouse; Matthew Grady, Lindale; Carson Cleaver, Jacksonville; Sergio Moreyra, Jacksonville; Brandon Pena, Marshall; Kaleb Douglass, Nacogdoches; Trae Hawkins, Whitehouse; Inside linebacker: Ryan Levingston, Pine Tree; Carson Trainor, Hallsville; Seth Burch, Nacogdoches; Astin Ledbetter, Mount Pleasant; Outside Linebacker: Greg Kalulu, Pine Tree; Jordan Landauer, Hallsville; Yhari Hudson, Mount Pleasant; Jaidon Garrick, Lindale; Safety: Decamry Cain, Pine Tree; Tyler Lee, Hallsville; Bryson Cobb, Whiteouse; Christian Wood, Lindale; Cornerback: Will Parsons, Hallsville; Will Hillis, Mount Pleasant; Isiah Mallard, Jacksonville

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