The answer could be YES!

By Nelson Clyde

About 20 years ago my grandfather listened to me complaining about what I thought about my "overcommitted" schedule as long as he could stand it (probably about eight seconds) and said, "Nelson, the answer to everything is not YES!"

Well that could be changing around here a little.

Last Thursday we launched the YES! section. It was a big deal for us which we hope, in turn, becomes a big deal for you.

We even went outside our comfort zone (although some copy editors lodged their protest of using all capital letters and the excessive step of including an exclamation point) with the name. It really could have been anything, such as:




Or even one of those catchy overused buzz phrases in today's world such as:






While the concept was developing, we had a day of news coverage which really drove the point home of why we need good news. We had two separate page one stories involving the deaths of 2-year-old children.

Some readers have lamented directly to me throughout the years about the amount of "bad news" in the newspaper. We don't relish the idea of dealing with bad news any more than our readers do, but we would all be falling short of our obligations to society if we ignored the plight of those who can least help themselves.

One thing that should make YES! take off is you. Send us your best stories about things that made you smile, laugh or share with your friends.

My bet is the YES! section is going to be one of our most read and talked about pages each week.

Last year, I attended a seminar where participants were encouraged to identify their "yes" in order that their "no" would be more clear.

It was a great positive view of how to deal with things. At the same meeting the question was asked, "What would you live for?"

I like that better. If we only are left to choose what we would "die for" it leaves little room to enjoy anything once the feat is over.

Some things are "to die for," such as certain shoes my wife sees in the mall or the Snickers gelato at Fresh.

Last Sunday, if you watched Jordan Spieth's epic win at the John Deere Classic without once uttering the word ‘YES!,' we will need to check your pulse.

I'm prepared to make the call here today that Spieth is the next Tiger, not McIlroy. He will be fun to watch. It would be really fun to see Spieth and Zach Johnson in a playoff for the claret jug at the British Open this week with Zach winning this one. That way everyone is a winner, and everybody will be happy.

What was your YES! moment of the week or the year so far? Did you purchase something "to die for" and love it? Tell us about it. Better yet. What would you live for? Give it some thought and drop us a line.

In light of all this positivity and the mild summer we have enjoyed to date, our prizes for the best submissions, which could involve coupons for ice cream or gelato, and we may start some dialogue about entirely ignoring any references this year to the dog days of summer.

Send your YES! content to or by mail at YES!, 410 W. Erwin St., Tyler, 75702.


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