The matriarch of the “Duck Dynasty” family shared a little wisdom, and a whole lot of laughs during the Mistletoe and Magic Brunch.

Kay Robertson, best known as Miss Kay to fans of the show, spoke to more than 170 people at Harvey Convention Center on Friday.

“Me talking to you is a great honor, because I think all my fans are my friends,” she said. “I have the greatest job in the world.”

Robertson told stories about her family, their hit A&E show and her mission to love people where they are. Attendees shopped, mingled and ate brunch during the event.

She joked about her well-known propensity for flubbing words, which endeared her to fans nationwide.

“Someone asked me how you get to be president and I told them, ‘You can win the popular vote but you have to go to the electrical college,” she said. “Phil looked at me and said, ‘Wrong word.’”

Her stories got big laughs from the crowd, especially the ones about seeing her doctor about a sore “radiator cuff,” when she meant rotator cuff, and other ailments.

“I said I’ve got this psychotic nerve and it runs all the way down and I can’t stand it,” she said. “Phil said, ‘Wrong word.’”

Robertson said she knew her role in life was to use her gift of gab to be close to others so that she can help them. She recalled the moment she realized that, after consoling a math teacher who just couldn’t help her pass the class no matter what he tried.

“I’m not smart at math, but I’m good at talking to people and helping people,” she said.

Part of her mission to help others has been working with women trying to escape abusive situations at home. She told the crowd she knows their struggles, because it was her struggle once. She recalled a time early in her marriage to Phil Robertson when he struggled with addiction and mistreated their family.

“He had the devil living in him and that’s what people should say,” she said. “Anyone that God makes is good, but when the devil takes control of them, that’s when they go bad.”

She said it took nearly 10 years and leaving him to get him to see the error of his ways. Eventually he followed in her journey of faith and turned his life around.

“I always wanted to be a good wife and a good mother,” she said. “I prayed and I didn’t want to tell people because it’s embarrassing.”

These days though, it’s clear sailing. She recalled doing an interview with Sean Hannity, and he couldn’t understand why, with their newfound fame, they hadn’t built a new house.

“I don’t want a new house because I have something that you don’t have. What I’m going to talk to you about you won’t understand … Phil and I are very content,” she said she told him. “We raised our kids here, we love it here.”

Robertson said the family didn’t fully understand why A&E wanted to make a reality show about their lives, but she knew. She said the funny runs in the family. Since then she’s tried to use her platform to meet others and lead them to God through warmth and friendship.

“I don’t know why I was blessed, but I know one thing: God is in charge of me,” she said. “Here is what I want to say to y’all. I want to tell you to believe that you have a purpose and your purpose is to glorify God.”

Mistletoe and Magic continues through Saturday. For more information, visit

Cory is a multimedia journalist and member of the Education Writers Association, Criminal Justice Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors. He has appeared on Crime Watch Daily and Grave Mysteries on Investigation Discovery.

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