About ten years ago, I had a new job anchoring the news. The boss walked in and announced, "You need to look a little softer on the air."

He was a bit uncomfortable mentioning it, but I appreciated his tact. I'd heard worse from other bosses.

He instructed me to go to a high-dollar hair salon for color and a cut. Then, he sent me to a makeup artist for a lesson. Although most of the changes were subtle, some told me my appearance improved. An acquaintance I had not seen in months asked, "Did you get your eyes done? Your nose?"

Personally, the changes were dramatic enough that I startled myself in the mirror for weeks. Since the boss and my husband seemed pleased, I wanted to crow as the Will Farrell character in the movie "Anchorman" did: "I look good."

But looking good and being good are not the same. Most days I need an extreme makeover of the soul. I need a softer touch. I need to highlight the Lord and all he has done for me. I need to startle myself and others with wholesome, pure, noble thoughts and actions.

And I need to crow that God is good. He IS good. He is GOOD.

But about my acquaintance—I always wondered if she thought I needed a nose job?



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