44 golfers set for ace finale

Here are some of the finalists who will be shooting for a big payoff today at Hollytree Country Club. They will be participating in the 26th Annual UT?Tyler Suddenlink Patriot Million Dollar Hole-In-One Contest. Pictured are (front row, from left) J.P. McClintock, Steve Mills, Garrett Smith, Bill Fisher, Jack Sargent, Richard Klingenberg; (second row) Jason Gregory, Barry Barnett, Will Baker, Gary Wedgeworth, Pete Rutter; (third row) Richard Davis, Caleb Cheavens, Barry Crumpton, Jeremy Chilek, Peter Crosson, Ted Hobby; (fourth row) Justin Jenkins, Mike Cassin, Frank Raker; (fifth row) Dwayne Phoenix, Keith Lofties, Dan Noyes, Sheri Cearley Melton, Cindi Cearley Harrell, Mike Cearley and Jeff Mekalip. (Phil Hicks | ETFinalScore.com)

Forty-four golfers will be shooting for a big jackpot today at Hollytree Country Club.

The finals of the 26th Annual Tyler Suddenlink Patriot Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest will take place on the 150-yard hole No. 11 on the Hollytree course. The finals are slated to begin at 4 p.m.

In the previous week, qualifying rounds were held on the UT Tyler campus.

This contest offers amateur golfers age 18 and older the opportunity to compete. Sponsors for this year’s contest are UT Tyler, Suddenlink, KLTV and Wagner Cadillac.

Jim White is the chairman of this year’s contest, while Jon Honea is the vice chairman.

The qualifying site was at the corner of University Blvd. and Old Omen Road at the UT Tyler practice soccer field.

Daily qualifiers are those who hit a hole-in-one, as well as those who hit closest to the hole during the daily qualifying rounds. Those who qualified advanced to the finals. Qualifiers have the opportunity to win $1 million dollars, a Cadillac SRX or $25,000 with a hole-in-one. The first person that hits inside two feet of the million dollar pin wins $500.

Some 19,405 golf balls were hit during the week. The contest raises money for scholarships for students at UT Tyler.

Five golfers qualified on the final day of competition. The qualifiers included: Jason Gregory of Tyler (22 inches), Dwayne Phoenix of Tyler (7 inches), Jeff Mekalip of Troup (12½ inches), Gary Wedgeworth of Whitehouse (20½ inches) and Will Baker of Tyler (22½ inches).

On Friday, Ted Hobby of Tyler and John Terry of Big Sandy scored aces. The other qualifiers were Barry Crumpton of Lindale (1 inch), Jack Sargent of Tyler (25 inches), Dan Noyes of Flint (8 inches), Garrett Smith of Tyler (10 inches), Pete Rutter of Hideaway (24 inches), Joey Slagle of Tyler (14½ inches), Sheri Cearley Melton of Troup (19½ inches), Jimmy Neal of Tyler (22 inches), Rodney Gordon of Bullard (34 inches) and Justin Jenkins of Whitehouse (48 inches).


26th Annual Tyler Suddenlink Patriot Million Dollar Hole-in-One Contest

Daily Qualifiers

Saturday, May 12

Michael Cearley, Troup (9½ inches); Walter Treat, Tyler (15 inches); Jason Derebery, Hallsville (10 inches); Michael Gilbert, Big Sandy (15½ inches); Mike Cearley, Troup (ace); David Lott, Tyler (13 inches); Bryan Brady, Tyler (24 inches)l Brad Butcher, Tyler (32 inches); Keith Bejcek, Tyler (16 inches); Drew White, Dallas (30 inches)

Monday, May 14

Cindi Harrell, Troup (75 inches); Chris Hunter, Troup (22 inches); Tracey Mekalip, Troup (17 inches); Richard Davis, Tyler (14 inches)

Tuesday, May 15

Peter Crosson (13 feet, 3 inches); Mike Craig, Whitehouse (20 inches); Barry Barnett (53½ inches); David Rainwater, Tyler (35 inches)

Wednesday, May 16

William F. Fisher, Holly Lake Ranch (17 inches); Keith Loftis, Tyler (26 inches); Mike Cassin, White Oak (38 inches); Jeremy Chilek, Lindale (20 inches); J.P. McClintock, Bullard (18½ inches)

Thursday, May 17

Landon May, Tyler (21 inches); Caleb Cheavens, Tyler (24 inches); Steve Mills, Tyler (12 inches)

Friday, May 18

Ted Hobby, Tyler (ace); Barry Crumpton, Lindale (1 inch); Jack Sargent, Tyler (25 inches); Dan Noyles, Flint (8 inches); Garrett Smith, Tyler (10 inches); Pete Rutter, Hideaway (24 inches); Joey Slagle, Tyler (14½ inches); Sheri Cearley Melton, Troup (19½ inches); Jimmy Neal, Tyler (22 inches); John Terry, Big Sandy (ace); Rodney Gordon, Bullard (34 inches); Justin Jenkins, Tyler (22½ inches).

Saturday, May 19

Jason Gregory, Tyler (22 inches); Dwayne Phoenix, Tyler (7 inches); Jeff Mekalip, Troup (12½ inches); Gary Wedgeworth, Whitehouse (20½ inches); Will Baker, Tyler (22½ inches).


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