Whitehouse offensive lineman Garrett Feiden and wide receiver Trevor Theiring earned first-team honors on the All-District 9-5A Division II football team, the league’s coaches announced.

Both Feiden and Theiring are seniors.

Texas High’s Clayton Smith, a 6-5 defensive end who has signed with Oklahoma, was named Most Valuable Player of the district. He helped the Texarkana school to a 7-0 record in district and 11-1 overall.

In other superlative awards, Pine Tree quarterback DJ Freeman and Mount Pleasant defensive tackle Tre Emory earned Offensive and Defensive MVP, respectively.

Jacksonville’s Darrion Jones was voted Special Teams Player of the Year with sophomore teammate Devin McCuin named Offensive Newcomer of the Year. Nacogdoches freshman Braxton Jones was named Defensive Newcomer.

Gerry Stanford, who led Texas High to the district championship, was voted Coach of the Year. It was Texas High’s first district championship since 2016.


All-District 9-5A Division II Football

Most Valuable Player — Clayton Smith, 6-5, 221, Sr., Texas High

Offensive Player of the Year — DJ Freeman, 5-7, 160, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Defensive Player of the Year — Tre Emory, 6-3, 302, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Special Teams Player of the Year — Darrion Jones, 5-9, 170, Sr., Jacksonville

Offensive Newcomer of the Year — Devin McCuin, 5-11, 165, So., Jacksonville

Defensive Newcomer of the Year — Braxton Jones, 6-0, 200, Fr., Nacogdoches

Coach of the Year — Gerry Stanford, Texas High


First Team Offense

Offensive Line

Colin Shelley, 6-3, 255, Sr., Texas High

Hayden Harrell, 6-3, 260, Sr., Texas High

Demarcus Day, 6-2, 345, Sr., Texas High

Cole Salazar, 6-3, 230, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Christian Webb, 6-3, 245, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Garrett Feiden, 6-1, 235, Sr., Whitehouse


Brioskii Finley-Warren, 6-1, 330, Jr., Texas High

Reid Pinckard, 5-9, 235, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Running Back

Braylon Stewart, 5-11, 207, Jr., Texas High

Tyler Sheffield, 5-7, 165, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Dominique Williams, 5-10, 180, Sr., Marshall


Jayden Smith, 5-6, 200, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Jalen Williams, 5-9, 210, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Wide Receiver

Rian Cellers, 6-1, 180, Sr., Texas High

Trevor Theiring, 5-7, 135, Sr., Whitehouse

Carter Rogas, 5-10, 175, Jr., Hallsville

Braden Walker, 5-9, 170, Sr., Hallsville

Demarcus Williams, 5-6, 155, Sr., Marshall

Keelan Turner, 5-9, 145, Sr., Longview Pine Tree


Brayson McHenry, 5-11, 170, Jr., Texas High

Reid Boyett, 6-2, 180, Sr., Nacogdoches

Tight End

Caden Miller, 5-11, 190, Sr., Texas High

Deaundre Heath, 6-0, 195, Sr., Longview Pine Tree


Buck Buchanan, 5-11, 165, Jr., Marshall


First Team Defense

Nose Guard/Tackle

Christion Surratt, 6-0, 265, Sr., Texas High

Jaylen Green, 6-2, 240, Sr., Texas High

BO Nesbitt, 6-1, 245, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Defensive End

Derrick Brown, 6-4, 207, Jr., Texas High

Sam Williams, 6-4, 185, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Kaden Fields, 6-1, 220, So., Nacogdoches

Inside Linebacker

Jackson Halter, 5-11, 210, Jr., Texas High

Michael Washington, 5-11, 210, Sr., Marshall

Ka’Mazjay Deckard, 6-2, 240, Sr., Nacogdoches

Outside Linebacker

Darrin Finley, 6-2, 225, Jr., Texas High

Tyrese Jones, 5-9, 170, Jr., Longview Pine Tree

Yhari Hudson, 5-10, 185, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Glenn Young, 5-11, 197, Sr., Nacogdoches


Caleb Arnold, 6-1, 191, Sr., Texas High

Jalen Jones, 6-1, 185, Jr., Texas High

Lyrik Rawls, 6-2, 205, Sr., Marshall

Dillon Williams, 6-1, 183, Sr., Nacogdoches


Lajontae Wrightner, 5-10, 172, Sr., Texas High

Aderrian Brooks, 5-10, 165, Sr., Marshall

Tyrell Gardner, 6-0, 175, Sr., Nacogdoches

Brennan Jones, 5-11, 170, Jr., Nacogdoches


Buck Buchanan, 5-11, 165, Jr., Marshall

Jesus Ibarra, 5-11, 190, Sr., Nacogdoches


Second Team Offense

Offensive Line

Joseph Monk, 6-1, 270, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Lance Deal, 6-0, 250, Sr., Whitehouse

Zalatiel Antonio, 6-0, 265, Sr., Jacksonville

Aiden Gray, 6-2, 300, Jr., Jacksonville

Josiah Smith, 5-11, 242, Sr., Nacogdoches

Kaleb Douglass, 6-0, 250, Sr., Nacogdoches


Luis Vazquez, 5-10, 205, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Brode Hodges, 6-0, 225, So., Longview Pine Tree

Jacob Henson, 6-1, 247, Sr., Nacogdoches

Running Back

Matthew Gooden, 5-6, 145, Sr., Whitehouse

Glenn Young, 5-11, 197, Sr., Nacogdoches

Lon’Darius Pleasant, 5-10, 185, Jr., Nacogdoches

Daquarreon Witcher, 5-8, 175, Sr., Texas High


Kasey Canady, 5-9, 180, Sr., Jacksonville

Braxton Jones, 6-0, 200, Fr., Nacogdoches

Wide Receiver

Hayden Kelehan, 6-4, 188, Sr., Marshall

Nikema Williams, 6-0, 170, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Aderrian Brooks, 5-9, 170, Sr., Marshall

Blake Rogers, 6-0, 165, Jr., Texas High

Latrail Rivers, 6-0, 175, Sr., Jacksonville

Kevon Page, 6-1, 168, Sr., Nacogdoches


Brent Burris, 5-7, 165, Sr., Marshall

Patrick Clater, 6-2, 180, Sr., Jacksonville

Tight End

JR Chavez, 6-1, 210, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Ka’Mazjay Deckard, 6-2, 240, Sr., Nacogdoches


Brandt Herber, 6-0, 155, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Chris Landeros, 5-11, 165, Jr., Nacogdoches


Second Team Defense

Nose Guard/Tackle

Keyshawn Murphy, 6-0, 305, Sr., Marshall

Rashad Levingston, 5-8, 210, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Marshall Johnson, 5-10, 240, Sr., Whitehouse

Defensive End

Richard Hall, 6-1, 265, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Kris Roberts, 6-0, 240, Sr., Whitehouse

Ryan Sanders, 5-10, 220, Sr., Whitehouse

Carson Cleaver, 6-0, 220, Sr., Jacksonville

Inside Linebacker

Ryan Levingston, 5-8, 180, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Dallas Dixon, 5-11, 210, Jr., Longview Pine Tree

Nick Chappell, 6-3, 215, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Brison Tatum, 5-10, 180, Sr., Jacksonville

Braiden Mathews, 5-8, 150, Sr., Whitehouse

Outside Linebacker

Da’maonte Minter, 6-1, 190, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Jack Clark, 5-11, 173, Sr., Whitehouse

Kasey Canady, 5-9, 180, Sr., Jacksonville

Gus Smith, 6-0, 180, Jr., Nacogdoches

Joe Carter, 5-11, 168, Jr., Nacogdoches


Courtney Stitmon, 5-7, 130, Sr., Longview Pine Tree

Zane Phillips, 5-9, 170, Sr., Mount Pleasant

Jayden Brandon, 6-1, 185, Jr., Whitehouse

Eddie Cross, 6-1, 178, Sr., Nacogdoches


Tylur Neal, 5-11, 145, Jr., Longview Pine Tree

Devin Smith, 5-9, 165, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Layne Pinckard, 5-11, 160, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Isajah Mallard, 5-10, 160, Jr., Jacksonville


Da’maonte Minter, 6-1, 190, Jr., Mount Pleasant

Landon Elliott, 6-0, 155, Jr., Whitehouse


Honorable Mention

Marshall — Remon Jones, Lewis Dunn, Latorrence Jackson, Andrew Phillips, JT McFarland, Tre Adams, Carson Combs.

Longview Pine Tree Brycelen Phillips, Greg Kalulu, Amahd Washington.

Hallsville Elijah Nicholson, Major Burnett, Carson Trainor, Jarrett Craig.

Jacksonville Tony Penson, Dominik Hinojosa, Billy Bateman, Brantley Bauer, Jose Solano, Kaden Franklin, Casey Avery, Kalaeb Clayton, Karmelo Clayborne.

Mount Pleasant Baker Peterson, Anthony Jeffery, Ed Wilder, Astin Ledbetter, Miller McCrumby, Will Hills.

Whitehouse Eric Brody, DeCarlton Wilson, Reed Alexander, Zachary Norvell, Jackson Conser, David White.

Texas High Javarous Tyson, Braxton White, Lathan Ragland, Alex Hines, Michael Thomas, Marcell Beaver, Tre Robert, Zane Dodson, Qu’shawn McCulloch, Nate Mennie, Donnie Grissom, Oscar Hernandez.

Nacogdoches D’Marea Weaver, Ja’Kyhron Whitaker, Keelan Elder, Stacy Whitaker, Ja’Covian Barnes, Ryan Larson, Jimmy Soto.


Academic All-District

Jacksonville — Carson Cleaver, Kevin Hernandez, Kasey Canady, Patrick Clater, Peter Torres, Jose Solano.

Mount Pleasant Astin Ledbetter, Reid Pinckard, Nick Chappell, Layne Pinckard, Keller Thompson, Sam Brown, Miller McCrumby.

Whitehouse Trevor Theiring, Braiden Mathews, Ryan Sanders, Lance Deal, Liam Huynh, Raungsang Gummer, Joey Conflitti, Sam Cook, Zachary Norvell, Ben Harris, Eric Brody, Kentrell Allen, Caleb Jones, Donavan Robinson, Casey Miller, Isaiah Stevenson, Jordan Slayton.

Longview Pine Tree — Luis Vazquez, Brandt Herber, Kameron Benefield, Cody Janner, Ethan Morgan, Lukas Branson, Dealyn Evans.

Hallsville — Brayden Walker, Carter Rogas, Austin Foye, Kurt Wyman, Dalton Heckman, Hayden Branson, Bryan Farnham, Rowdy Smith, Blake Hudson, Cortavion McMillan, Alex Peralta, Kenneth Stevens, Landon Schwindt.

Texas High Caden Miller, Caleb Arnold, Blake Rodgers, Clayton Smith, Darrin Finley, Brayson McHenry, Tre Roberts, Jalen Jones, Zane Dodson, Guy Johnson, Nate Mennie, Jackson Halter, Braxton White, Tyler Harris, Alex Hines, Trevon Rush, Oscar Hernandez, Braden Tucker, Damon Tyler-Moore, Colin Shelley, Trey Lavender, Ben Depreist.

Nacogdoches — Ja’Kyhron Whitaker, Reid Boyett, Glenn Young, Lane Vanscoder, Jacob Henson, Jaden Hall, Jimmy Soto, Tyrell Gardner, Eddie Cross, Dillon Williams, Gus Smith, Austin Johnson, Brennan Jones, Keelan Elder, D’Marea Weaver, Isaac Jones, Ryan Larson, Braxton Jones.


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