I read the April 6 guest commentary and found it different from our experience with NET Health COVID-19 vaccinations at Harvey Hall. We too were group 1B and received our initial vaccination on Jan. 20 and follow up vaccination on Feb. 25 (delayed a week due to the Arctic outbreak and snow storm). We went from initial sign-in to shot in arm in 15 minutes and then after 15 minutes reaction wait time we were back in our car leaving in 30 minutes max. Our follow-up vaccination was very similar with maybe 35 minutes between walking in the door and then back out again.

As far as reaction to the Moderna vaccine, yep we had vaccine site soreness and I felt a little off the day after but what I would consider nothing out of the ordinary for some vaccinations.

The NET Health professionals and volunteers were organized, hygienic, friendly and communicated effectively. A totally positive experience! Thanks NET Health!

G Wilkinson



In response to Gov. Abbott’s rejection of the Texas Rangers’ invitation: The reality today is, all of our national pastimes have been hijacked by the misinformation and false information of the mainstream media. The MLB, like all of the professional sports organizations, have become political pawns for the Association of the Terminally Offended in our corporate and social structure. We can thank Obama and his “politically correct” mental disease that was spread throughout our society like a mental COVID-19 that has no vaccine.

The fact is, anyone against election integrity is an affront to the Constitution and an embarrassment to this country. It is absolutely insane to believe it’s okay to require an ID to check out a book in the library, but is unfair to require one to vote. Thank you Gov. Abbott for standing Texas strong and not allowing the Office of the Governor of Texas to be politically manipulated by corporations, sports team owners and administrators, and misinformation generated by the mainstream media. Texas cannot only survive without them, we can be better without them. Good job sir, and keep up the good work.

Ronnie Bristow