Cruz talks up defunding of 'Obamacare' at RedState

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, the ranking Republican on the Senate subcommittee on Constitution, Civil Rights & Human Rights, asks questions of a panel of witnesses, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2013, during a hearing on the fate of prisoners at the Guantanamo Detention Center. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — At a New Orleans gathering of conservatives, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has called for a grassroots effort aimed at persuading Republicans to eliminate funding for President Obama's health care law.

Cruz has long suggested that one way of de-funding the law would be to hold up a continuing funding resolution to keep government agencies running after Sept. 30. He told the annual RedState Gathering on Friday that a well mobilized effort could overcome arguments from Democrats who would blame Republicans for shutting down government

His speech to conservatives came on the same day liberal groups launched a Louisiana campaign to counter criticism of the health care law and encourage those who need insurance to enroll in the state exchanges established under the law when the enrollment period opens Oct. 1.

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