Whitehouse voters approve 7 City Charter amendments; write-in candidate leads Place 1 City Council race

City of Whitehouse crews are working to recover and get water systems back up and running to provide people with clean water.

The city remains under a boil water notice due to low water pressure. 

According to a statement Saturday, the city of Whitehouse will host drinking and non-drinking water distribution events Saturday as resources become available. 

"We are thankful for the numerous partner agencies, businesses and individuals that have helped support our efforts this week," the statement from Whitehouse read. 

According to the city of Whitehouse, the water system has two main sources: wells and a secondary connection with the city of Tyler. Due to power outages, the six city wells were without power. 

"We had generators suppling power to the wells, but they are intended to run critical infrastructure and are not equipped to keep pipes and equipment from freezing in subzero temperatures," the city of Whitehouse stated. "We managed to keep two wells operational but it was not enough to supply the system and running these two wells without relief would result in long-term outages. Even with our secondary supply with the City of Tyler, our supply and fill lines connecting to their system are frozen as well."

The city's operational goals for Saturday include:

  • Continuing to review our water system for any and all options to accelerate systems coming back. This includes working with contractors, engineers, and City staff
  • Planning and strategizing for water restoration to include preparation of tanks, lines and replacement parts should main breaks occur once the system is pressurized
  • Preparing for and running distribution events at Whitehouse Fire Department and Whitehouse Junior High
  • Working to clear storm drains to ensure runoff from streets
  • Coordinating efforts with volunteer teams to provide immediate needs
  • Sourcing any and all available resources from Smith County, the Texas Department of Emergency Management, and local vendors

Whitehouse officials said Saturday over the next few weeks the city will review systems and operations on how to better serve the community.

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