Fifteen years later, East Texas woman still searching for missing brother

(Photo: Family photo)

KYTX (MARSHALL) - For Jolene Oney, not a single day goes by that she doesn't think of her little brother. 

"Whenever I see somebody walking on the side of the road, I have to take a double look to make sure it's not Little Joe," she said. 

"I don't care who did what to him... because God's got their number," she said. "I just need Lil Joe, so that I can continue my life." 

Little Joe, as family and friends called him, is Frederick Joseph Boehm. He was 24 years old when he was last seen in January of 2001, walking down Victory Dr. in Marshall. 

The Marshall Police Department said they have yet to find any leads on his location. 

"These cases never get closed out," said Police Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa. "They are always active and the officers are always going back and always reviewing them."

Now, they are asking for the public's help. 

"We're hoping that somebody out there who might have been scared, who might have been afraid, might say I'm not scared anymore," said Campa. "You know, we have to bring some kind of closure to the families."

Closure -- What Oney has been praying for -- for years. 

"If he's gone, somebody killed him, where are his remains? Let me put his remains with mommy and daddy," said Oney.  

Oney said Boehm suffered from blackouts and was on antidepressants. Friends and family have suggested she declare him dead. But she says, she's not giving up on her Little Joe. 



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