Harley Hooper, owner of Harley’s Fine Menswear: “Our Black Friday was a little below normal, mostly because of the weather. Our Black Friday is mostly our regular customers, and their family and friends who are in town. When the weather is good, they’re out and about. But now we’re about two-thirds of what we normally are.



Janie Mayo, manager of Kohl’s Tyler: “It’s more than we expected. We’re doing really good. Still holding our own on some products. We’ve sold out of some things, but our performance matched those of the larger stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We opened with more than 100 people waiting in line. The hoverboard sold out within the first couple of hours. And of course, we sold out of the special-price TVs. Playstation 4s, we were right in line with the pricing at the big stores, but with Kohl’s Cash, that was an additional advantage. And believe it or not, a lot of the warm blankets and down comforters sold like hotcakes…


National Retail Federation: Nothing usable. Too canned.

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