East Texas Symphony Orchestra will present "City Lights" – A Multimedia Experience Saturday night at the University of Texas at Tyler's Cowan Center.

Charlie Chaplin's 1931 silent movie film "City Lights" will be shown on a large screen as ETSO performs the soundtrack.

In the movie, Chaplin plays a character who falls in love with a blind girl then uses his turbulent relationship with alcoholic wealthy man to try and help her financially.

Chaplin wrote the music to complement the events on screen.

Conductor and Music Director Richard Lee is taking on the challenge of making sure that the music and action on screen remain synchronized.

"First of all the music is challenging in several spots," he said. "Second, the speed of several passages is extremely fast, almost unplayable. Then there is the added difficulty of synchronizing the music to the film."

He said the music has text boxes that describe the action that is supposed to be taking place on the screen.

"At each one of these boxes, I can evaluate whether I am ahead or behind, and by what degree and then respond accordingly," Lee said.

The concert is set for 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $10 to $56 and are available through the venue's website, cowancenter.org. Tickets also will be sold at the box office before the concert.

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