Wildgame Innovations Trophy Tape speeds buck scoring



Dallas – Hunters measure their success in different ways. For some, success is defined by making a lethal shot at a known range. For others, it's measured by antler size. And sometimes, it comes from something as simple as helping friends, family or visiting hunters enjoy their hunts by getting to and from their hunting sites safely.


However you measure success, Wildgame Innovations' new Trophy Tape can help. This high-utility, low-cost product deserves a spot in every hunter's pack.


Take the guesswork out of scoring your next buck. Each pack of Trophy Tape includes three rolls of adhesive scoring tape marked from zero to 200 inches. When applied directly to the antlers in all scoring locations, Trophy Tape makes scoring any rack simple and fun. It's a quick way to get to that indisputable bragging number, and is a great educational tool for anyone interested in the deer scoring process. Detailed whitetail scoring instructions are provided on the back of each pack of Trail Tape.


In addition to scoring, Trophy Tape is the one tool you'll need to perform a variety of other key field tasks such as yardage marking, blood trailing and general trail marking. Its blaze orange color is highly visible, even in low light.




• Quickly and easily gross score your trophy in as little as 2 minutes

• Score up to 3 Booners per pack, with 3 rolls of adhesive scoring tape each running from 0-200"

• Additional uses for blood trailing, trail marking and yardage marking

• Easily visible in low light

• No prior experience necessary

• A must-have for every hunter's pack

MSRP: $7.99

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