Velocity releases replacement trigger for Remington 700


Phoenix, AZ, -- Velocity Triggers has added an American made, drop-in trigger assembly that will fit all Remington Model 700 actions.

The initial product offering is packed full of exciting features such as: a fully adjustable single stage trigger assembly, removable trigger shoes and 2-positon safety.

The trigger is shipped at 3 pound pull weight, but has a range of 2-4 pounds. It also has adjustments for both over-travel and creep. The trigger shoes are machined from aluminum and will be offered in curved, curved with serrations and straight with serrations options. The trigger shoes will be anodized in black, red, blue or green. The 2-position safety is designed so the user can place the gun on "safe" after the gun is fired. This allows the next live round to be chambered safely.

Velocity Triggers machines all of their major trigger parts in-house. The trigger and sear are cut from A2 tool steel with a Wire EDM process, followed by heat treating for extended life. The sear is then treated with Robar's™ NP3 metal finish. NP3 is an electroless nickel based finish that is very corrosion resistant and reduces friction. The triggers go through Diamond-Like Carbon Coating or DLC. This coating gives the trigger a combination of low friction and extremely hard surface that won't wear down. The hardness level of DLC on the trigger exceeds 80HRC, which is harder than chrome plating. The trigger housings are machined from 6061T6 billet aluminum and then green anodized for easy cleaning and reduced corrosion.

The trigger assemblies are then built and individually tested for pull weight and sear engagement. MSRP $120.00

Velocity Triggers is based in Phoenix. Tom Vehr, owner and operator, has over 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and assembling trigger assemblies. Tom spent 14 years at Timney Triggers, running all aspects of production including design, set-up, tooling testing and scheduling. In 1995, Knight Rifles hired Tom to direct their trigger manufacturing operation. Tom launched Vehr Manufacturing, parent company to Velocity Triggers™, in 2008. Vehr Manufacturing continues to produce triggers for many other manufacturers. For more information on Velocity Triggers visit


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