Prime Archery introduces Centergy Air Compound Bow


MEMPHIS, Mich. -Prime Archery, by G5 Outdoors-the leading manufacturer of premium archery equipment, reveals the revolutionary Centergy Air compound bow, which focuses on industry-leading design to create a bow that offers a level of balance and stability never before available to archers, with a lighter riser and feel than the Prime Centergy.

In the three main parts of the draw cycle-the draw, the aim and the release-shooters spend the most time in the aiming process by far. The Centergy Air features Prime's Center Balanced Targeting System-a riser design that's built around a lower center of gravity-which drastically reduces pin movement, allowing you to keep your sight on target longer for more consistent accuracy. No other lightweight and streamlined bow on the market will allow you to keep your pins on target and improve your accuracy like the Centergy Air. Get locked on, and stay locked on.

The Center Balanced Targeting System is built around the new 82X aluminum riser, which sports an integrated feature called the "Swerve." The Swerve is a strategically placed curve in the riser that helps eliminate lateral movement in the draw cycle and throughout the entire shot sequence. Less movement means less noise and vibration with more consistency-equaling greatly increased accuracy from a lightweight bow with a streamlined profile and grip.

In addition, the all new TRK Cam System continues Prime's parallel Cam technology legacy and keeps each bow performing at its highest efficiency, regardless of the draw length. Most bows report a 10 fps drop in arrow speed with each inch of draw length reduction, but due to the exceptional efficiency of the TRK Cam System, the speed loss associated with shorter draw lengths has been cut nearly in half. And to maximize the customizable options available, Prime shooters can choose between limb stops or cable stops.

The Centergy Air incorporates all the accuracy-enhancing features of the Centergy, but it sports a lighter riser and a more streamlined grip profile for those shooters who understand that less can be more when it comes to the structure of a grip. If you have a lot to pack and a long way to go, or you simply prefer a lighter bow, the Centergy Air is your new companion.

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