Texas Die Casting has committed to staying in Gladewater for at least eight years as part of an incentive package with Gladewater Economic Development Corp.

GEDCO in turn will help the company improve its management information and manufacturing systems, a news release said.

"This all started early in November 2018 when GEDCO contacted us to see what needs our company had and how they could help us be more successful," Pat Burke, CEO of Texas Die Casting, said in a statement released by GEDCO. "Our current management information system is way behind the times. With GEDCO's help, we will now be able to upgrade to a state-of-the-art cloud-based system."

One of the largest employers in Gladewater, Texas Die Casting makes aluminum parts used in automotive, appliance and electronics industries.

Burke said a new system will allow the company to expand information technology into other areas of its 75,000-square-foot plant.

Since it opened in 1984, Texas Die Casting has tripled its manufacturing capabilities, said a statement on the company's website. The company employs about 150 workers.

"One of GEDCO's primary roles is to work hand-in-hand with Gladewater's existing businesses to ensure retention of companies, like Texas Die Casting," GEDCO Board President Robert Green said in the announcement.

As part of the agreement, GEDCO will assist Texas Die Casting as it invests in new computer software to further automate production and improve efficiency, the announcement said.

Gladewater City Manager Ricky Tow and GEDCO coordinated with Etex to upgrade telecommunication lines used by Texas Die Casting.

Texas Die Casting committed to paying a livable wage and hiring at least 25 percent of new employees from the Gladewater area.

"We helped assess their needs and created the opportunity for business growth and jobs with livable wages that are so critical to our city's economy," GEDCO Executive Director Robert Johnson said in the news release.

Johnson described Texas Die Casting as a "thriving company" and said that the agreement will allay concerns that a fire which heavily damaged parts of the facility last August affected its future in Gladewater.

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