TROUP — The opening girls bout of the day got things started off with some great matchups at the Second Annual Lucky Vascocu Boxing Tournament at the Byron Payton Gymnasium on Saturday afternoon.

A full slate of 27 bouts got cranked up in the fourth bout as Rosa Serna from the East Texas Boxing-Longview and Samantha Aguilara of Los Gallos Boxing went toe-to-toe for three rounds to bring the packed house of fans on their feet.

Javier Castillo-Blanco of the Garland Police athletic League (GPAL) won as the referee stopped the bout in the 0:42 into the third round.

Another bout stopped by the referee came as Cody Lindsey took out Isiah Rameriz of Los Gallos in the third round, 32 seconds in.

Troup Boxing's Antonio Kincade won the next bout by referee stoppage 37 seconds in the final round.

During intermission, the grandson of the late Lucky Vascocu, Shawn Vascocu, was awarded a special Troup Boxing Club windbreaker that was been presented in the past to the boxing leaders of East Texas. Lucky was first awarded the jacket 27 years ago and it has been passed down over the years. Shawn was also handed the reins of Payton Gymnasium as head coach and operations manager, as voted by the non-profit Troup Boxing Board.

After intermission, another girls match ended in coaches retirement as Arlette Castro from United Boxing won over Maribel Cerna from East Texas Boxing-Longview. Another match stopped by the referee with 42 seconds in the third round had Adrian Fajardo of East Texas Boxing Club-Longview defeating Mario Guitier of Kirby Boxing from Arp.

Participating teams included The East Texas Boxing Club-Longview (ETBC); Irving Police Athletic League (IPAL; Garland Police Athletic League (GPAL); DROCK (Mt. Pleasant); (TBG); East Texas Boxing (Longview); Los Gallos Boxing from Dallas; Young Guns from Dallas; Scorpion Boxing of Tyler (HOU); Palacious Boxing from Dallas; United Boxing from Garland; Galmegac Boxing from Dallas; No Excuse Boxing of Dallas; Bendu Boxing from Carrolton; Longview Boxing (LV); Kirby Boxing of Arp; L2Ball Boxing (Longview); Tenth Street Boxing from South Oak Cliff; Home of Champions (HOC) from Lufkin and host of the tournament, Troup Boxing Club (TBG).

The next tournament planned for Payton Gym will be the Byron Payton Memorial Classic, the latter part of October or first of November.


Lucky Vascocu Second Annual Boxing Tournament

At Payton Gymnasium and Community Center, Troup

1. Bantamweight 60-lbs. Novice: Alex Espinosa (GPAL) dec, Esai Garcia (Kirby).

2. Match 102-lbs Novice: Jordan Jenkins (GPAL) dec. Charles Boyte, (TBG).

3. Bantamweight 80-lbs. Novice: Mason Courtney (DROCK) dec. Ethan Pensada (IPAL).

4. Female 95-lbs. Novice: Rosa Cerna (ET) dec. Samantha Aguillar (GALLOS).

5. Junior 70-lbs. Novice: Austin Arredondo (IPAL) dec. Alexander Garcia, (GPAL).

6. Match 115-lbs. Novice: Stephen Johnson, (TBG) dec. Ramiro Duran (Scorpions)

7. Junior Female 90-lbs. Open: Analisa Escobar (GPAL) dec. Arazely Galingo ((YG-Guns).

8. Match 132-lbs. Open: Javier Castillo-Blanco (GPAL) RSC, (42-seconds, third round) over Hansel Blas (Scorpion)

9. Senior Female 110-lbs. Open: Mikaila Gutherrez (VG Guns) dec. Alexandria Garcia (GALLOS).

10. Junior 90-lbs Novice: Isaac Chapa (TENTH) dec. Adam Arredondo (IPAL).

11. Mens 165-lbs. Novice: Ricardo Salgado (DROCK) dec. Joel Jesus, (HOC).

12. Senior 119-lbs. Novice: Carlos Serna (ET)

13. Match 90-lbs. Novice: Jaycob Ramos (Unattached) dec. Isiah Rameriz (GALLOS)

14. Mens 165-lbs. Novice: Cody Lindsey (HOC) RSC (third round), Carlos Lopez (LV)

15. Intermediate 135-lbs. Novice: Antonio Kincade (TBC) RSC (37-seconds, third round), Mason Wyatt (Scorpion)

16. Match 145-lbs. Novice: Josaphat Cruz (GPAL) dec. Mark Bearrera (HOC).

17. Junior 95-lbs. Novice: Flavio Ruiz (GPAL) dec. Luis Olivera (DROCK).

18. Senior Female 106-lbs. Novice: Arlette Castro (UNITED) retired second round over Maribelle Cerna (ET).

19. Mens 201-lbs. Novice: Pierce Stewart (LV) dec. Johnnie Lewis (IPAL).

20. Senior 132-lbs. Novice: David Gonzales (YG GUNS) dec. William Jackson (GPAL).

21. Men 152-lbs. Open: L'Darius Wheatstone (BENDU) dec. Sergio Garcia (Glamegac).

22. Mens 123-lbs. Open: Jorge Carrasco (IPAL) dec. Jermicahel Jackson (L2Ball).

23. Mens 152-lbs. Novice: Jose Mendez (TENTH) dec. Winiford Page (TBG).

24. Mens 132-lbs. Novice: Adrian Fajardo (ET) RSC (42-seconds, third round) over Mario Guitier (Kirby).

25. Mens 123-lbs. Open: Cory Neal (unattached) dec. Luis Rocha (GALLOS).

26. Mens 165-lbs. Open: Leonel Urias (BENDU) dec. Javier Garcia (Palacious).

27. Mens 141-lbs. Open: Eric Anton (No Excuse) dec. Jose Martinez (ET).

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