Robert E. Lee's one and only dress rehearsal for the upcoming football season will take place today when the Red Raiders scrimmage Marshall.

And Lee coach Darrell Piske has two main things he wants to get accomplished.

"No. 1 we want to come out of this healthy," Piske said. "We also want to see how our guys (react) at game speed. It's hard to balance going (No. 1 offense vs. No. 1 defense) in practice."

The action begins with the freshmen and junior varsity teams getting underway at 4:30 p.m. at Trinity Mother Frances Rose Stadium.

The varsity is scheduled to be on Earl Campbell Field at 7 p.m. for its scrimmage session with the Mavericks. This is the third-straight year that Lee and Marshall have scrimmaged each other. The two previous were at Maverick Stadium in Marshall.

REL and Marshall had in place a tri-scrimmage, which would've featured Nacogdoches. However, Piske said he Dragons were able to line up an opponent, so now it's Marshall and Lee again.

Piske said he does not expect starting quarterback Zach Hall and starting running back Tavon Wesley to play much as a precaution. He wants to have the dynamic junior duo ready for the season opener against Keller Fossil Ridge.

"They are going to get some plays as both need to get some game-speed action with the first offensive line, but both our staff and Marshall's talked and we cut down the scrimmage a little from last year, just to be safe," Piske said.

The Red Raiders open the season next Saturday, Aug. 30 at home against Keller Fossil Ridge. Piske said he is happy with how practices and workouts have progressed leading up to this scrimmage.

"The attitude is better. The selfishness (we've had in the past is gone)," Piske said. "We are ahead of where we were last year at this time," Piske said.


Lee Football Scrimmage Schedule

7:00 Varsity Starts 1 Offense Tyler Lee 15 plays

1 Defense Tyler Lee 15 plays

2 Offense Tyler Lee 15 plays

2 Defense Tyler Lee 15 plays

1 Offense Tyler Lee 10 plays

1 Defense Tyler Lee 10 plays

2 Offense Tyler Lee 10 plays

2 Defense Tyler Lee 10 plays

1 Quarter of Game type scrimmage with regular clock. Kicking game is dead on returns and coverage

Penalties will be marked off on varsity, but not sub-varsities.

When the penalty is enforced, the play does not count against your total

Drive alive inside 30


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