Rusk won the District 17-3A softball title and was rewarded with a five superlatives on the all-district team.

Rusk’s Kara Hugghins was named Most Valuable Player while teammates Kelsey Blankinship (Offensive Player of the Year), Sydney Littlejohn (Pitcher of the Year) and Cheyanne Phillips (Utility Player of the Year) were also honored. Rusk coach Ashley Renner was named the Coach of the Year.

Bullard’s Taylor Frederich won Defensive Player of the Year while teammate Sarah Ritch shared Catcher of the Year honors with Brownsboro’s Morgan Barnes.

The Newcomer of the Year award went to Haley Durden of Athens.


2012 All-District 17-3A Softball Team

Most Valuable Player — Kara Hugghins, Rusk

Offensive Player of the Year — Kelsey Blankinship, Rusk

Defensive Player of the Year — Taylor Frederich, Bullard

Pitcher of the Year — Sydney Littlejohn, Rusk

Co-Catcher of the Year — Sarah Ritch, Bullard; Morgan Barnes, Brownsboro

Utility Player of the Year — Cheyanne Phillips, Rusk

Newcomer of the Year — Haley Durden, Athens

Coach of the Year — Ashley Renner, Rusk

First Team

First Base — Halei Gabbert, Athens; Paige Goggans, Brownsboro

Second Base — Kelsey Lemus, Brownsboro

Third Base — Bailee Gates, Rusk.

Catcher — Haley Maxfield, Athens

Pitcher — Halie Vance, Chapel Hill; Hannah Windham, Athens

Shortstop — Juliann Bowling, Rusk

Outfielders — Chelsie Daniels, Rusk; Shayla Townsend, Rusk; Tori Choate, Rusk; Nikki Johnson, Bullard; Baylee McCurley, Brownsboro; Hadley Cain, Athens

Second Team

First Base — Valerie Holman, Bullard

Second Base — Danni Quade, Athens

Third Base — Hannah Smith, Bullard

Catcher — Kayla Battles, Chapel Hill

Pitcher — Madie Timmerman, Brownsboro

Shortstop — Shelbie Bagby, Brownsboro

Outfielders — Lucia Balderas, Athens; Courtney Gilbreath, Chapel Hill; McKenzie Chambers, Brownsboro; Kendall Thompson, Athens; Adriana Riggs, Chapel Hill; Amanda Morrison, Brownsboro

Honorable Mention

Kristi Springer, Bullard; Paige Hintz, Chapel Hill; Krystal Davis, Athens; Dakota Hauk, Chapel Hill; Delesa Bradley, Rusk; Gabby Willis, Rusk

Academic All District

Athens — Haley Durden, Hadley Cain, Halei Gabbert, Haley Maxfield, Dani Quade, Hannah Windham

Brownsboro — Baylee McCurley, Shelbie Bagby, Morgan Barnes, McKenzie Chambers, Kelsey Lemus, Karli Wilkerson, Baylie Conner, Madison Timmerman, Brooke Johnson, Paige Goggans

Chapel Hill — Katelyn Cox, Kelsey Humphrey, Paige Hintz, Dakota Hauk, Kayla Battles, Courtney Gilbreath, Adriana Riggs, Katelynn Parker

Rusk — Juliann Bowling, Delesa Bradley, Tori Choate, Bailee Gates, Kara Hugghins, Sydney Littlejohn, Gabby Willis, Shayla Townsend, Kelsey Blankinship, Chelsie Daniels.

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