Dallas Christian and Grace Community, who went 1-2 in TAPPS D-II District 2 football, went 1-2 in number of all-district selections.

The Chargers, who won the district, took 23 spots on the all-district team, including 10 first teamers. The Cougars, who were second, tallied 20 selections with eight coming on the first team.

Bishop Gorman finished third in district and was third with 16 players on the team. Fourth-place Bullard Brook Hill had 12 selections while All Saints managed nine selections.

Grace had four players on both the first-team defense and offense.

The defensive unit was led by senior lineman Ndukwe Uduma, senior linebacker Joshua Spitzer, senior defensive back Adam McKinney and senior linebacker Jared Gilley.

On offense, senior linemen Ronald Baker and Luke Crozier were joined by senior receiver Parker Ary and sophomore running back Uchenna Uduma on the first team.

The Crusaders notched seven first-team selections, five of which came from their explosive offense: sophomore quarterback Jake Smith, senior receiver Judah Bell, senior receiver Tyler Hobbs senior running back Ethan Milton and senior lineman Andrew Culpepper.

Junior lineman Justin Duffie and senior linebacker Reed Navara received first-team nods from Gorman’s defense.

Brook Hill’s four first-team selections were all on defense: junior lineman Andrew Brooks, senior linebacker Brooks Parham, senior defensive back Chidiebere Nechi and junior punter Campbell Fletcher, who was also a second-team choice at linebacker.

All Saints’ lone first-team player was junior quarterback Tanner Towns, chosen as an athlete. Dalton Hayes, a senior punter, was the Trojans’ only second-team selection.

Brook Hill players on the second team also included: DL Joseph Ardi, DB Alec Kitt (also honorable mention receiver), OL Jordan Day, RB Jermiah McGowen and WR Parker Galbraith. Jordon McGowen also earned honorable mention.

Gorman players earning second-team honors were: DL Lucas Vega, LB Jeremiah Milton, DB Tait Reininger and TE Daniel Schmitt.

Second-team selections for Grace included: LB Luke Graham, DB Brady Newman, OL Jacob Williams, QB Christopher Wilhelmi, WR Garrett Tauscher, K Andrew Carrazco and athlete Braydon Stone, who played everything from quarterback to receiver for the Cougars.

Grace’s Bradley Shaw, Brady Herber, Hutson Yeatts, Caleb Glenney and Zachary West earned honorable mention.

Andrew Culpepper, Isaiah Haggerty, Jeremiah Milton (as a linebacker) and Hunter Pilgrim (as both defensive back and athlete) were named honorable mention for the Crusaders.

All Saints’ honorable mention selections were: Grant Perkins, Wills Green, Garrett Brown, Matthew Latta, Ian Hathaway, Cade Borgeson and Russell Wynne.


First Team


Lineman - Ndukwe Uduma, Sr., Grace Community; Bryan Estrada, Sr., Dallas Christian; Jacob Ginnings, Sr., Dallas Christian; Justin Duffie, Jr., Bishop Gorman; Andrew Brooks, Jr., Bullard Brook Hill.

Linebacker - Palmer Nix, Jr., Dallas Christian; Joshua Spitzer, Sr., Grace; Brooks Parham, Sr., Brook Hill; Jared Gilley, Sr., Grace; Reed Navara, Sr., Gorman.

Secondary - Kristopher McCune, Sr., Dallas Christian; Adam McKinney, Sr., Grace; Daniel Wall, Sr., Carrollton Prince of Peace; Chidiebere Nechi, Sr., Brook Hill.

Punter - Campbell Fletcher, Jr., Brook Hill.


Lineman - Ronald Baker, Sr., Grace; Jacob Ginnings, Sr., Dallas Christian; Luke Crozier, Sr., Grace; Jeffery Sims, Jr., Dallas Christian; Andrew Culpepper, Sr., Gorman.

Quarterback - Jake Smith, Soph., Gorman.

Running Back - Reginald Peck, Jr., Dallas Christian; Uchenna Uduma, Soph., Grace; Ethan Milton, Sr., Gorman; Parker Strong, Jr., Prince of Peace.

Receiver - Judah Bell, Sr., Gorman; Parker Ary, Sr., Grace; Tyler Hobbs, Soph., Gorman; Davis Baucum, Jr., Dallas Christian.

Tight End - Brandon Thomas, Jr., Dallas Christian

Kicker - Drew MacKay, Sr., Dallas Christian

Athlete - Tanner Towns, Jr., All Saints

Second Team


Lineman - Adonnis Butler, Sr., Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill; Hayden Mark, Sr., Prince of Peace; Joseph Ardi, Sr., Brook Hill; Lucas Vega, Soph., Gorman; Trey Phillips, Sr., Dallas Christian.

Linebacker - Marshall Hernandez, Jr., Dallas Christian; Jeremiah Milton, Fr., Gorman; Luke Graham, Jr., Grace; Brandon Thomas, Jr., Dallas Christian; Campbell Fletcher, Jr., Brook Hill.

Secondary - Camiron Smith, Jr., TC-CH; Tait Reininger, Sr., Gorman; Alec Kitt, Sr., Brook Hill; Wayland Thompson, Jr., Dallas Christian; Brady Newman, Sr., Grace.

Punter - Dalton Hayes, Sr., All Saints.


Lineman - Hayden Mark, Sr., Prince of Peace; Jacob Williams, Jr., Grace; Joshua Wilburn, Soph., Dallas Christian; Jordan Day, Sr., Brook Hill; Max Huff, Jr., Prince of Peace.

Quarterback - Christopher Wilhelmi, Sr., Grace.

Running Back - Palmer Nix, Jr., Dallas Christian; Jermiah McGowen, Jr., Brook Hill; Jackson Garrett, Jr., Prince of Peace; Justin Deboskie, Sr., TC-CH.

Receiver - Parker Galbraith, Sr., Brook Hill; Trenton Chambers, Sr., TC-CH; Garrett Tauscher, Sr., Grace; Jacob George, Sr., Dallas Christian.

Tight End - Daniel Schmitt, Jr., Gorman.

Kicker - Andrew Carrazco, Sr., Grace.

Athlete - Braydon Stone, Soph., Grace.

Honorable Mention


Lineman - Bradley Shaw, Sr., Grace; Grant Perkins, Sr., All Saints; D’Angelo Wilder, Jr., TC-CH; Dylan Riley, Sr., TC-CH; Andrew Culpepper, Sr., Gorman.

Linebacker - Ryan Franckhauser, Jr., Prince of Peace; King Dennis, Soph., TC-CH; Marcus Knox, Soph., Dallas Christian; Wills Greene, Sr., All Saints; Brady Herber, Sr., Grace.

Secondary - Trenton Chambers, Sr., TC-CH; Hunter Pilgrim, Sr., Gorman; Garrett Brown, Jr., All Saints; Travis Wardlaw, Sr., Dallas Christian; Terry Jackson, Jr., TC-CH.

Punter - Drew MacKay, Sr., Dallas Christian.


Lineman - Matthew Latta, Sr., All Saints; Derrick Johnson, Sr., TC-CH; Hutson Yeatts, Jr., Grace; John Gafford, Sr., Dallas Christian; John Brennan Potts, Sr., Dallas Christian.

Quarterback -Garrett Cody, Jr., Dallas Christian.

Running Back - Ian Hathaway, Jr., All Saints; Caleb Glenney, Jr., Grace; Jordon McGowen, Sr., Brook Hill; Jeremiah Milton, Fr., Gorman.

Receiver - Camiron Smith, Jr., TC-CH; Alec Kitt, Sr., Brook Hill; Isaiah Haggerty, Jr., Gorman; Zachary West, Sr., Grace.

Tight End - Cade Borgeson, Jr., All Saints.

Kicker - Russell Wynne, Fr., All Saints.

Athlete - Hunter Pilgrim, Sr., Gorman.


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