Golf ball on tee

HAWL Senior Men’s Nine-Hole Golf Association

Date: Jan. 13

Game: Best 1-2-3 Ball

Course: West

Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Hideaway

1, Martin Robinson, Chris Moseley, Wayne Coffey, Rudy Miller, minus 5; 2, Rudy Waters, Jack Tucker, Doug Schell, minus 4; 3, Tom Helfand, Art Cervantes, Dean Arroyo, Mark Cather, minus 2.

Closest to the Hole — No. 6: Doug Schell.

Longest Putt — No. 2: Chris Moseley; No. 6: Ed Ilschner.


HAWL Senior Men’s 18-Hole Golf Association

Date: Jan. 14

Game: Best Two Ball

Course: Central/West

Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Hideaway

1, Martin Robinson, Ron Strickland, Phil Brown, Rudy Miller, minus 22; 2, Dave Brucker, Bill Edwards, Ed Ilschner, Mark Cather, minus 11; 3, Keith Boone, Bob Metcalf, Mike Ragsdale, Jerry Strong, minus 10.

Closest to the Hole — Central No. 2: Doug Schell; Central No. 9: Bill Cornelius; West No. 4: Jack Tucker; West No. 7: Mike Ragsdale.

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