The city of Noonday would like to recognize the Southern Utilities crew that came out on Jan. 2 to repair a water leak on County Road 196 in Noonday.

The crew worked through the night in the freezing weather until the line was repaired.

With your quick response, families and individuals in our community did not have to go without water very long.

Thank you for your hard work, and we appreciate each and every one of you.

Awesome job!

City of Noonday


I think there should be more Christmas decorations in Tyler. The reason why is without Christmas decorations in December, Tyler looks BAH HUMBUG!

And it will make Tyler look better, especially in downtown

Tyler (town square). And I think the people would think so, too. And we should show that we care about the birth of Jesus Christ! And that is why I think we should put up more decorations in December for Christmas.

Micah Young Flint


Among our honored guests at our home this Christmas was a grandson who is in his second year at the U.S. Naval Academy. We are obviously very proud of him.

When I look in to the face of this incredible young man, I am angered to think Washington, and Democrats mostly, are playing politics with the ability of our very dedicated military to guard and defend this nation. I don't want to send my grandson into harm's way, but surely not with only about half of America's combat aircraft able to fly. Or to put him on a naval ship that has not had enough funding to allow them to practice and train to be fully mission capable. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are you ready to send your grandchildren out to guard and defend this nation without all the tools and training they need? I think not, but then it's not your grandchild, it's mine.

Francis L. Franck Hideaway


There are currently approximately 320,000 people being protected by Temporary Protected Status in the U.S. They primarily come from Sudan, South Sudan, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, Syria, Nepal, Yemen and Somalia.

All eyes are needed on an issue in Washington, D.C., that's getting little news coverage. The Trump administration is ripping away TPS from thousands of families and is preparing to send recipients to very dangerous situations, whether it's war in Sudan or post-hurricane devastation in Haiti. The administration intends to end the use of TPS, meaning that TPS holders will be sent back to countries that are unsafe or have poor conditions, putting their lives at risk.

This is un-American. The words at the base of our Statue of Liberty, welcoming the "tempest-tossed" to our shores, have in many ways defined our country. Allowing people to apply for TPS if something catastrophic happens in their country of origin — like war, famine, a natural disaster or an epidemic — is part of our history.

TPS holders are just like any other member of our community — working hard, living peacefully, raising families. In particular, studies show that TPS holders contribute greatly to key industries such as health and child care. There would a profound impact on the country as a whole if essential workers were removed from their jobs.

TPS recipients are so important to our economy that it would cost employers $967 million and the U.S. economy (GDP, Medicare and Social Security contributions) billions if they were to lose TPS employees.

Our elected leaders must take immediate action to permanently protect TPS holders, to pass the Dream Act and to move forward comprehensive immigration reform. The diversity of our nation is what makes us strong and prosperous; not the opposite.

Mary Whitehead Tyler

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