Congratulations on the finest Veterans Day editorial page coverage (Nov. 11) I have ever seen. The two student essays on the subject were just great, especially from young minds. The main editorial was superb and ended with a statement I have never seen in print before as clearly stated:

“All of America’s veterans have placed our nation’s security before their own lives, creating a debt we can never repay.”

Just as police, troopers, rangers, constables, etc., are not all involved in deadly combat with villains, they still serve with their lives at risk.

It is really appreciated to see recognition given to all American military veterans, regardless of their particular type of service, as they also served with their lives at risk.

John S. “Jack” Gibson




There is a history of hard decisions made to separate people, based on race, religion, in the name of safety.

The Japanese internment camp during World War II comes to mind.

As the world gets smaller we will continually address these issues. The massive worldwide immigration problems dealing with people being forced from their homes creates a sui generis challenge.

We, as Americans, must balance the risk of inadvertently exposing ourselves to terrorists with our humanitarian nature. Only the federal government has jurisdiction to determine immigration issues for foreign individuals seeking citizenship in America.

There is no power for governors to participate in deciding issues concerning a foreigner entering the United States.

Certainly our Texas governor cannot constitutionally usurp federal decisions admitting foreign nationals - and certainly can’t set up “immigration rules” for U.S. citizens moving from another state to Texas.

Blake Bailey




I am amazed at the rapid and strong response to the horrific terrorist actions by ISIS in the news.

Of course, it had to be France and Russia both unleashing their version of “shock and awe” on the militant Islamists. And from our president what do we get? Crickets chirping.

Are you kidding me?

Obama seems frozen in place with a strategy that so far hasn’t produced anything, and no sign of him doing anything to change this.

He surrounds himself with “yes men” who give him no new ideas, and he has told so many untruths that ISIS is contained he has nowhere to go.

He can’t even come up with a label for these terrorists. He is just trying to ride out his final days in the presidency (and leave us with his legacy).

Poetically and ironically, he is giving the next president (whoever that may be) at least eight years of being able to blame Obama for the mess we are in. I’m just praying that this country can survive while he - in the style of Nero - fiddles.

Charlie Goff




According to the media buzz, the Republicans are concerned about the future of their party if they lose the presidential election in 2016. Could it be that they care far less about the future of the party than they do about the future of our once-great nation?

If the socialist, far left leaders are in position to continue the policies of the last seven years, there is no future for the Republicans or Democrats.

Dale White


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