Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

Gohmert email misguidedCongressman Gohmert, you might want to find another hero. President Donald Trump is unworthy. I’m referring to your remarks in the district email of 10/5/19.

Focusing upon a whistleblower is totally inappropriate. Please shift your focus from the person who reported the crime to the criminal. We now have public information indicating a criminal performed a significant illegal act. Taking government assets for personal use is absolutely forbidden. Any and every government employee knows this. What is to be done about the criminal whose activities were accurately reported? The whistleblower is no longer important.

No less, that illegal act was performed in front of two officers of the court. They did nothing to restrain the illegal act at the time or report it to responsible authorities later. Your email didn’t mention any thoughts about disbarring Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Barr.

I suggest you use your position on the House Judiciary Committee to uphold the rule of law. That is the work of a patriot.

Konrad Kern


Refreshing view from FIELDI want to thank George Will for his insights on the responsible way the “incident” in Game 6 of the World Series was handled by managers and players. It really was a lesson in respect and good sportsmanship.

It is certainly unusual in the media to see a display of sincere apology for wrongdoing, and even more so to see those in authority holding those they oversee accountable. I agree with him that baseball is unique in trying to keep exhibitionism down by even the unwritten rules like not carrying the bat to first base on a home run.

I also want to thank local radio station The Fan-92.1 FM for carrying some of the games. The radio broadcasters are so talented in painting the picture of the game, analyzing and teaching about the decisions, and just having fun in doing it all.

Dan Shulman and Chris Singleton made it seem like we were right in the stands enjoying the game with some knowledgeable friends. Baseball may not be “the national pastime” with all the choices that are available but it is enjoyable and helpful when it can teach us all lessons in respectful behavior in sports and real life.

Vivian Cox


Safety for our childrenAt first I was going to integrate several recent city and county tax increases, newly proposed projects and land acquisition efforts into this comment of mine.

I had planned to link these issues and others into a method of reasoning that might appeal to you and city officials in support of my verbiage.

However, on second thought, I am hoping that simplicity is a better approach.

The flashing school zone safety light in front of Caldwell Arts Academy has been inoperable for a long time. Much too long for a city that seems to care for its residents, especially elementary children.

Is it too much to ask for our city leaders to identify the problem and initiate a solution?

Thank you for providing a platform for citizen input.

Victor Davison


Truth about climate changeNorm Beavers is exactly correct with his response to global warming that he wrote on Sunday, Oct. 27. The surprising truths about climate change can be found in a book titled “Don’t Sell Your Coat” by author Harold Ambler.

There are plenty of other scientists that tell another side of the story that the Democrats don’t want you to know. It includes Trump’s “fake media”: They don’t want you to know the other side. The book tells the history about climate changes and the other side of the debate.

He also tells about former Vice President Al Gore, who has made millions promoting global warming. He and others stand to profit from legislation promoting “the green economy.” Carbon dioxide has always fluctuated and is a part of nature.

There are more polar bears today than ever. And they know how to swim for food! I also thought that God was in control of everything, not us. Read this book! Carbon tax — bah humbug!

Mike Hilliard

Chapel Hill

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