Letters to the Editor for July 30, 2017


Things Biden should do to lower the price of fuel

A recent article in the Tyler Morning Telegraph asked if oil from our reserves would bring relief at the pump? I say maybe.

You mentioned there are many factors that go into a price of gas at the pump and I agree. The best thing President Biden could do to lower price of fuel would be to:

1. Reopen the Canadian pipeline

2. Allow oil and gas drilling to continue as it was before he shut it down to placate the tree-huggers who control the democratic party.

Incidentally, where’s the evidence that oil and gas drilling are harmful to grass, trees, flowers, etc.? I was born in Kilgore in 1938 and lived there until 1956 when I left to attend college. We had trees, St. Augustine grass in our yard (I know because I mowed it), and flower beds in a town that had 2,500 producing wells in a city of 10,000.

During WWII we also had a victory garden in our backyard. I’ve never seen any hard, truthful evidence that oil and gas drilling harm grass and trees away from the well site.

Stephen Thompson


Potential campus improvements mean excellent education for every child

Tyler voters’ wise passage of the school district’s last two bond packages brought great benefit to nearly every student in Tyler ISD.

As parents, we are grateful that some of our own children have experienced the blessing of learning in these new schools. With new and renovated campuses on every grade level, including the incredible Career and Technology Center, almost every Tyler ISD student has been positively impacted by the on-time and under-budget construction of these facilities.

Amazing buildings help attract amazing educators, who in turn produce students that make significant contributions to their campus and the world. Now voters have another opportunity to increase the benefit to our children and community when they vote for the bond that will rebuild Hubbard Middle School and the Early College High School with no tax rate increase.

Our city is growing, and our school district will grow with it. But these new buildings are more than just brick-and-mortar improvements and expansions; they reflect the heart of a community that understands every child matters and is deserving of the best educational environment we can provide.

As founding members of Tyler Proud, we wholeheartedly support the 2022 bond and are honored to link arms across our city with those who prioritize the responsibility to provide excellent education for every child.

Ross and Leslie Strader


Put voting responsibility where it belongs

The title of your opinion column in April 17th’s paper fully displays your political bias. “Officials must ensure mail-in voters meet new law requirements” puts the responsibility for following voting procedures on public officials instead of the voter. Yes, officials must put the correct procedure in front of the voters (which I think they have), but voters must take their responsibility seriously enough to double check their mail-in ballot information or ask someone to check it over for completeness before mailing.

In paragraph 9, you wrongly state “Officials ... must do everything they can to make sure voters are informed of the law’s requirements.” Wrong! You should have stated “Voters must do everything they can to read, understand, and follow the voting instructions printed on the ballot.” The responsible voter will also make sure the elections office has correct information. Put the responsibility where it belongs, on the voter.

You write like you believe the identification requirement is a Jim Crow law. It isn’t. We give personal information when we borrow money, buy a car, get a shot, buy paint at Walmart, buy a house, buy a gun, get a credit card, fly on an airplane, rent a car, buy liquor, get a cable account, open a bank account, etc. The responsible voters of Texas have decided that voters must identify themselves when they must vote by mail. Only those who wish to encourage fraud in elections want to eliminate the identification requirement.

Tim Melvin


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