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In a fabric store on June 25, three women and three children shopped. The sign on the door stated masks required. The older woman wore her mask correctly, covering mouth and nose. The younger two women had on masks wearing the top part of the mask on their chins. Ignorance? Rebellion? Stupidity? Our health care workers are caring for COVID-19 patients. Some of these workers are dying. Why are so many people not wearing masks when that may be one of the primary ways to slow the spread of this virus? Selfishness?

Cheryl Chambers



Recently the paper had an article about the naming of the new Giraffe at Caldwell Zoo.

I recommend and submit the name of “Corona.”

She was born in the beginning of COVID-19, was not well, received good medical attention and survived.

Joe Sparkman



I was at last Sunday’s rally on the square in Tyler. It was Louie Gohmert’s supporters who brought violence, intimidation and hate, brandishing assault weapons and parading big dogs through the crowd while shouting his name. Rep. Gohmert knows the truth and has chosen to stand with the belligerent mob against peaceful citizens of his district exercising their constitutional rights. Is this the type of community we want to live in, to raise our children in? I hope Tyler is better than this. Vote Louie Gohmert out of office in November. We deserve someone better representing us in Washington.

Carol Pianta



Isn’t it ironic we are told to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, yet there doesn’t seem to be any real consistent science backing up that notion since basically all masks people wear are totally different. Some will wear surgical masks, dust masks, M95 masks, bandannas, homemade cloth masks made from towels or T-shirts or other pieces of rags. How can the science claim these masks stop viruses when they are all different and have not been tested? Then consider expensive masks used in industry for protection against hazardous substances such as automobile paint pigments, asbestos, heavy metals and particulates from mining; all dangerous to humans. These masks cover the entire face and have filter cartridges to clean air. Yet, at the same time, we are told a simple cloth mask protects us against a deadly virus. Where is the logic in all of this? What we are being told about using masks is tantamount to putting a piece of chain link fence over our faces and expecting it to stop mosquitoes.

Consider the following: One inch equals 25,400 microns. If we consider spray paint pigments for instance, these particles are .1 to 5 microns in size. A virus ranges from .0005 to .3 microns in size and is considerably smaller than paint particles. Yet, we are told a piece of porous cloth covering our mouths and noses will filter out viruses whether we expel or breathe them into our bodies. Masks may filter out the large droplets that contain the virus, but many times smaller droplets .5 microns or less in size find their way through the masks and are just as contagious.

Also, we must consider the COVID-19 virus to be very intelligent and able to distinguish between human activities. We see rioters, looters, anarchists in the streets attacking law enforcement and damaging buildings without using masks and none of these individuals seem to get COVID-19 while doing their unlawful acts. Even Dr. Fauci was recently seen at a sporting event not properly wearing his mask or practicing social distancing. Instead, he was more interested in taking selfies with two friends. However at the same time, we are told going to church, restaurants and political conventions are dangerous to us? Where is the consistency in this narrative being spewed by the media, Dr. Fauci and the CDC?

If masks work so well, why didn’t states like California and New York just issue masks to prisoners instead of releasing them? Why have over 300 labs had 100% positive tests for COVID-19 and showing no negative test results? What’s wrong with this picture? The evidence for the efficacy of surgical or homemade masks is very limited, and masks aren’t the most important protection against COVID-19.

The wearing of masks is more about trying to influence the election than it is about the virus itself. When Nov. 4 comes around, we won’t hear another word about COVID-19 if the Democrats win.

J. Armstrong


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