Letters to the Editor for Sunday, Sept. 24

If Joe Biden is elected, he will be a “puppet president” and who will be pulling the strings?

His memory lapses are no laughing matter. I see a pattern that started during Reagan’s Iran Contra hearings. Some of his answers: “I don’t remember.” After his term we learned he had Alzheimer’s.

I have had family members who have had the same problems. Here are a few, getting lost in the city they have lived in most of their lives, misplacing objects at home, forgetting to eat, take meds, bathe and change clothing. Anger is another sign, always disagreeing with family members.

Who knows what is going on in his personal life at home? We need a president with a clear mind, or we are doomed.

I shudder to think who his VP will be. One of the “Squad?” His memory lapses are no laughing matter.

Ann Mitchell



The most powerful statement in our Saturday edition of the Tyler Morning Telegraph was in the lower left corner of page 1: “If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it...” Thank you for reminding us.

Marjorie Edmunds



In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now seeing authoritarian rule by elected leaders all around this nation. The people in many of these states and communities are now starting to revolt and want their lives back.

Many of the things these elected officials are doing have absolutely no constitutional basis. Yet citizens are threatened with arrest and jail time for buying seeds, going to the barber, being with family, going to the beach, being out in the yard, planning family events on social media to mention a few things. It is these same elected leaders who release convicted prisoners from the prisons and go by a different set of rules for themselves. Chicago’s mayor has banned women from going to the beauty shop, yet she recently publicly admitted going to one. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan have certainly not missed any hair appointments at the beauty salons. And President Trump was very wise to let governors and local leaders take control of states and communities to show us the tyrannical side of government. He knew it would happen. He knew if he shut the country down, he would be labeled as a dictator and tyrant by the media.

These elected officials have their marching orders and want to make life as painful as possible for the American people. They want the economy and president to fail and instill fear via the mainstream media to gain control over the people. They hate President Trump so much and will do anything to seize power by hook or crook, to even help introduce COVID-19 to the U.S.

If we let these politicians continue with their iron fist tactics controlling our daily lives, we will end up being a nation of sheeple and a breeding ground of a government full of wolves. We must take our country and communities back. It’s time to drain the swamp.

J. Armstrong



When I relocated here recently, I thought the Tyler air pollution levels would be great, and they are! And the fragrance from all the roses, as well as flowering plants, bushes and trees is wonderful!

But, what about the noise pollution?

What’s the source of the problem? The only thing I can tie it to is the “urban cowboy.” He’s not the guy with the Stetson hat, big belt buckle, riding a steed or a bull at the rodeo. No, he’s the guy with the pickup, wearing a Rangers or Cowboys ball cap. He could also be the guy in the Mustang or Charger or a wanna-be sports car that is noisy and goes really fast. They have turned Broadway and other straightaways into drag strips.

Perhaps it’s a virility issue … speed and noise equate to testosterone?

Whatever the cause, the problem is offensive to me. Does anyone else care? If the local authorities don’t (or won’t) rein them in, perhaps the Tyler police should spend some time on Broadway, Bullard and Sunnybrook next Saturday night.

Ginger Sawyer


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