Letters for Sunday, November 20


I am not a big Trump fan, but I did vote for him as the better of two questionable candidates. I was opposed to Obama’s election because of the absence of a record that showed his abilities to govern and lead our country in a positive way. While I was disappointed in his election, I never tried to undermine his authority as president, riot, destroy property or burn a United States flag in protest of his democratic election.

What has been displayed in many cities throughout the country since Donald Trump’s successful run for the presidency is a sad commentary on the character and integrity of Americans in general and Hillary Clinton supporters in particular. During her campaign Hillary characterized those who opposed her as “deplorable.” It will be disappointing if she doesn’t now step up and condemn the deplorable behavior of those who are rioting and demonstrating on her behalf. That energy used in a positive rather than destructive way would go a long way toward uniting our country.

Jim Bearden



Regarding the Tyler Paper’s editorial last Sunday, “City of Tyler faces the EPA’s overreach,” I agree it’s extortion to fine the city of Tyler and force it to sign a consent decree. I just hope the city staffer writing the checks for the EPA’s overreach hasn’t signed it yet.

Obviously, the EPA is wrong - as they have been for many years in everything they’ve been doing, as you explained.

The $300,000 is money which should be spent.

I agree Trump and Congress might (and should) support the bill to limit the EPA’s overreach. If so, Tyler should be able to recoup any payment already made.

Norm Beavers



Sunday’s paper stated the Tyler City Council has voted to spend $200,000 over the next two years on a lobbyist. I am horrified that our city council members would waste that kind of money on an overpaid lobbyist when we have excellent representation in Austin with Senator-elect Bryan Hughes and Representative Matt Schaefer. It is their job to represent Tyler, and I trust both of them to do so without being pressured by an overpaid lobbyist.

Don’t waste taxpayer money - spend it on our streets.

Sharon Guthrie



As I write this on the morning after our historic election yesterday, I am giddily happy, but I am also thankful to Almighty God for Trump’s victory. Now we can get back to our Judeo-Christian values and principles on which our nation was founded.

I am happiest for my grandchildren, because now they will know the America in which I was privileged to grow up and live, and not a godless, socialist country.

Stephen Thompson



Why do you bother running George Will’s column? The man is an arrogant, condescending prig who represents everything about the nation’s elites that Americans rejected by voting for Trump. Occasionally he makes sense, but he uses such convoluted language and such arcane vocabulary that half the time you can’t understand a word he says.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe now we will get some good justices on the Supreme Court and the EPA and IRS will get off people’s backs. If he surrounds himself with intelligent people and follows their advice, he might be a good president after all. Our country is rapidly running out of options: the Democrats show every indication of becoming even crazier and more left-wing than they already are. Trump may not be much, but he's our only chance to turn the country around.

Tracy Figueira



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