Nelson Clyde's Is it Just Me Column: Tex in the city


I’m channeling Carrie Bradshaw for our visit today writing from my hotel lobby in New York City.

Each year begins with a theme for me. For the last few weeks I’ve been reflecting on this year’s theme of “writing a new story.”

It’s funny how you think something may involve you and ultimately it involves so many other protagonists.

In my case, those have been mostly my children. Much has changed for my kids this year. One has been on a long-term fitness and weight loss journey and also earned a promotion at work.

Another has firmly established himself in a new town with old friends and a new career.

My youngest left at the end of August to start college in a new city and began the life he has chosen.

Finally, my 3rd has arrived in the Big Apple to begin a new job and life.

By dinner time Sunday, my new life as an empty nester begins.

While it seemed so much of this year would involve new horizons for me, the kids have been the real story. Watching your children take on adulting is altogether terrifying and wonderful.

Rachel takes on the subway system in New York like an old pro. Sarah knows everyone in the Soul Cycle studio where she rides in Houston. Cal has navigated his new job from the warehouse to handling the company’s largest account. Jamie is determined to grab Austin by the longhorns and flourish in the capital city.

Rachel’s neighborhood has a Whole Foods a block away and more options for authentic ethnic foods within a block in any direction as you can imagine. I managed to work in a straight blade shave and a visit to Peloton world headquarters to take a spin class from the fabulous and energetic Jess King with Rachel. Those indulgences were only after fulfilling my obligations of putting some IKEA furniture together and a few trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

A friend once told me “you’re only as happy as your least happy child.” Thanks to my wonderful kids, I can report I am exceedingly happy. And the best news is they’re making it easy to write a new story.


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