Whitehouse voters elected three new council members and approved all 14 changes to the city's charter, according to incomplete unofficial totals.

There were no incumbent council members running for reelection.

Mayor Charles Parker said he was looking forward to working with the new members and was happy voters approved the charter changes.

"The charter changes give us a clearer document to work with going forward," he said. "Now that the election is over it's time to get back to work."

Smith County had reported 72 of 73 precincts, or 98.6 percent of the countywide vote total as of press time.


Whitehouse residents also voted on three city council appointments Tuesday. Voting in those races include:


Council Member Place One

Nicholas Moss: 431 votes;78.94 percent

Ben Dieter: 115 votes;21.06 percent.


Council Member Place Three

Paul Hickey: 354 votes;65.80%

Chuck Barker: 89 votes;16.54%

Kelvin Fox: 95 votes;17.66%



Council Member Place Five

Dick Jackson: 323 votes;60.04%

Jim Horn: 215 votes;39.96%  



Proposition 1: “Do you favor amending Article 3, Section 3.01, by removing... serving a half or more or any position shall be counted in determining of a term the number of terms served?”

No: 105 votes;26.5%

Yes: 416 votes;73.50%


Proposition 2: “Do you favor amending Article 3, Section 3.03, by adding…or full‐time personnel holding permanent positions with the City?”

No: 135 votes;24.41%

Yes: 418 votes;75.59%



Proposition 3: “Do you favor amending Article 3, Section 3.09, prior to September 30th?”

No: 130 votes;24.3%

Yes: 405 votes;75.7$


Proposition 4: “Do you favor amending Article 3, section 3.12, No person related within the second degree by affinity (marriage) or third degree by consanguinity (blood relation) to a Department Head shall be appointed or employed to any position, permanent or temporary, within the respective department?”

No: 85 votes;14.94%


Yes: 484 votes;85.06%


Proposition 5: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.01.1 (d), to September 1st?”

No: 93 votes;17.68%

Yes: 433 votes;82.32%


Proposition 6: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.01.1(i), the City Manager may not be compensated for other positions within the City without majority Council approval?”

No: 41 votes;7.08%

Yes: 538 votes;92.92%



Proposition 7: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.0l .1 (j), by adding... Exercise control, maintenance and disposal over city owned equipment/property at the direction of City Council by Resolution, public auction or sealed bids?”

No: 48 votes;8.63%

Yes: 508 votes;91.37%



Proposition 8: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.01.2 (j), by removing… The City Manager must be reaffirmed by three (3) affirmative votes of the City Council within thirty (30) days after the city Manager’s annual performance review?”

No: 100 votes;17.79%

Yes: 462 votes;82.21%



Proposition 9: “Do you favor amending Article 4, section 4.01.2, by removing... This resolution may include the suspension of the City Manager. A copy of such resolution shall be served immediately upon the City Manager. The City Manager shall have fifteen (15) days in which to reply thereto in writing, and upon written request, shall be afforded a public hearing, which shall occur not earlier than ten (10) days or later than fifteen (15) days after such hearing is requested. After the public hearing, if one is requested and after full consideration, occur not earlier than ten (10) days or later than fifteen (15) days after such hearing is requested. After the public hearing, if one is requested and after full consideration…?”

No: 102 votes;18.31%

Yes: 455 votes;81.69%


Proposition 10: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.01.2, by adding…Or by majority vote the City Council shall have the right to suspend the City Manager for up to thirty (30) days pending a hearing. After such hearing, and after full consideration, the City Council by three (3) affirmative votes with all City Council Members and Mayor present, may adopt a final resolution for removal. The City Manager may continue to receive, at the direction of the City Council, full salary until the effective date of a final resolution of removal?

No: 78 votes;13.85%

Yes: 455 votes;81.69%


Proposition 11: “Do you favor amending Article 6, Section 6.02, The city manager, at least thirty, days prior to the beginning of each budget year, shall submit to the Council a proposed budget. For such purpose, at such date as he/she shall determine, he/she or an officer designated by him/her shall obtain from the head of each office, department or agency estimates of revenue and expenditure of that office, department, or agency detailed by organization units or character and object of expenditure and such other supporting data as he/she may request. In preparing the budget the City Manager shall review the estimates, shall hold hearings thereon and may revise the estimates, as he/she may deem advisable. The proposed budget shall contain but not limited to the following:?”

No: 51 votes;9.17%

Yes: 505 votes;90.83%


Proposition 12: “Do you favor amending Article 6, Section 6.08, to the thirtieth day of September?”

No: 78 votes;15.06%

Yes: 440 votes;84.94%


Proposition 13: “Do you favor amending Article 6, Section 6.08, prior to 30 days?”

No: 95 votes;18.41%

Yes: 421 votes;81.59%


Proposition 14: “Do you favor amending Article 4, Section 4.06, by adding... The City Manager shall appoint and remove the poisitions of the head of each department as the City Council shall deem advisable?”

No: 140 votes;25.23%

Yes: 415 votes;74.77%









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