TYLER (KYTX) - In the wake of deadly attack in Paris, a group of East Texas college students is doing their part in remembering those 129 victims.

Students from UT Tyler gathered Wednesday night to honor those victims and to share a message of love and acceptance over hate and intolerance.

Zachary Bourne was one of the organizers of the vigil who says something needed to be done on his campus.

"We really felt motivated to do something about it and raise awareness to stand by Paris in this time of trouble and the other countries that were affected as well," said Bourne.

Manahil Erkin with the UT Tyler Muslim Students Association attended the vigil. She says she's heartbroken over what happened in Paris but is also heartbroken over attacks on social media on her Islamic faith.

"There's so many people out there who won't even take time to learn what Islam really is about and they just put us all in one category," Erkin said.

Anwar Khalifa with the East Texas Islamic society says that perception is something he's used to, but still wishes it would change.

"How could you paint a whole group of people, a third of the world's population, with one paintbrush like that," explained Khalifa.

But no matter the viewpoint or religion or home country, the students gathered to share a message of unity. 


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