Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce to hold annual meeting


The Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce will hold its annual meeting on Tuesday.

Tyler Chamber Chief Operating Officer Henry Bell said they picked the theme "A Milestone Year" for the event because of milestone accomplishments occurring this year. They include the city of Tyler's population officially growing to more than 100,000 and the presentation of the first Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award, he said.

The meeting is held yearly to bring Chamber members together for a networking opportunity and to report to members what the organization has accomplished in the last fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, Bell said.

It also allows the Chamber to recognize individuals and businesses with awards and present the changing of the guard in leadership, he added.

Rosemary Jones has served as the Chamber's chairwoman for the past year and at the dinner, will officially hand off the position to Charles Hill.

A reception will begin at 6 p.m., followed by dinner by Villa Montez and an awards presentation at 7 p.m. at Harvey Convention Center.

Bell said 555 out of 600 tickets had sold as of Friday morning.

At the event, there will be presentations of the T.B. Butler Award, the W.C. Windsor Award, the Chamber's Volunteer of the Year Award and the Business of the Year for large and small businesses. The Contact Club's Outstanding Production Awards also will be given.

The T.B. Butler Award is presented by the T.B. Butler Publishing Co. Inc. to honor an outstanding Tyler citizen of the year.

Established in the memory of the founder of T.B. Butler Publishing Co. Inc., the late Judge T.B. Butler, and his son, the late Tom Butler Jr., it has been given annually since 1929. Award recipients are selected for outstanding contributions in leadership, service or community improvements.

The W.C. Windsor Award is presented in conjunction with the W.C. Windsor family to honor an outstanding Tyler citizen younger than 40. The award was started in 1952 by the late W.C. Windsor with the purpose of encouraging leadership among young people in the community and to honor the outstanding citizen younger for his or her contribution to the Tyler community.

The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to the outstanding volunteer for the Tyler Chamber. Four individuals were selected during the year as Volunteer of the Quarter and from those four, a Volunteer of the Year will be selected.

Sponsors for the dinner include Austin Bank, Chesapeake Energy, City of Tyler, Core Insights, Greater Tyler Association of Realtors, Oncor, Prosperity Bank, Prothro Wilhelmi and Co., Southside Bank, Suddenlink, Texas Bank & Trust, The Genecov Group, The University of Texas at Tyler, Tyler Junior College, the Tyler Morning Telegraph, TXU Energy and UT Health Northeast.



2012 to 2000: 2012 Brookshire Grocery Co.; 2011 Louis and Peaches Owen; 2010 Stephen Dement; 2009 Dr. Gary T. Kimmel; 2008 Jerome R. Milton; 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Harold Beaird; 2006 James I. Perkins and his wife, Margaret H. Perkins; 2005 Amy and Vernon Faulconer; 2004 Anwar Khalifa and Rabbi Neal Katz; 2003 Anita Ardinger Ray; 2002 Dr. David Nichols; 2001 Kevin Eltife; 2000 Joseph Z. and Louise Ornelas.

1999 to 1990: 1999 Elizabeth Fritter McNally; 1998 Cowan Center project at The University of Texas at Tyler; 1997 Dr. George A. Hurst; 1996 Norman Shtofman; 1995 Herbert C. Buie; 1994 Randall L. Roberts and John Tyler Football Team (Special); 1993 Dr. James M. Vaughn; 1992 Junior League of Tyler; 1991 B.G. Hartley and Billie Hartley; 1990 Don Chaney.

1989 to 1980: 1989 George W. Oge; 1988 Lottie Ray Caldwell; 1987 Buddy Story; 1986 United Rubber Workers Local 746; 1985 James W. Arnold, Willie Lee Glass; 1984 James Borgerding; 1983 James C. Wynne Jr.; 1982 Louise Lindsey Merrick; 1981 James W. Fair; 1980 Charles L. Childers.

1979 to 1970: 1979 C.C. McDonald; 1978 Shirley Simons Jr.; 1977 Dick Hightower, Earl Campbell (Special); 1976 William M. Shamburger, Kelly Spratlin (Special); 1975 Harry Loftis; 1974 Isadore Roosth; 1973 John A. Warner, Frank Martin (Special); 1972 Floyd Wagstaff; 1971 Henry M. Bell Jr.; 1970 Mrs. W.G. Watson.

1969 to 1960: 1969 D.K. Caldwell, Robert J. Phillips; 1968 A.W. Riter Jr.; 1967 Earl Andrews; 1966 Mrs. W.C. Windsor; 1965 Connally McKay, F.O. Penn; 1964 J. Harold Stringer; 1963 Jerry Nasits; 1962 George Pirtle; 1961 Wilton Fair; 1960 Tom W. Joyner, Dr. Harry E. Jenkins (Special).

1959 to 1950: 1959 M.J. Harvey; 1958 Joe Zeppa; 1957 Watson W. Wise; 1956 Memory of Mr. and Mrs. L.A. Grelling (cash gift to Tyler schools); Dr. Porter Bailes Sr.; 1955 J.S. Hudnall; 1954 H.J. McKenzie; 1953 Smith P. Reynolds; 1952 J.H. Calhoun; 1951 W.C. Windsor and W.E. Stewart; 1950 Johnny Wright and Mrs. Alex Woldert Sr. (Special).

1949 to 1940: 1949 Claude Holley and Hugh E. White; 1948 Galloway Calhoun; 1947 Foster Blaisdell; 1946 Wilton Daniel and Dr. Robert Hill (Special); 1945 Roy E. Smith; 1944 None; 1943 Troop F. Cavalry; 1942 Glenn Flinn; 1941 R.W. Fair; 1940 W.A. Pounds.

1939 to 1929: 1939 S.P. Burke; 1938 R.L. Tayloe; 1937 Tom Swann; 1936 Gus Pinkerton; 1935 H.M. Bell; 1934 T.B. Ramey; 1933 Mrs. Henry M. Eagle; 1932 E.P. McKenna; 1931 S.A. Lindsey; 1930 W.M. Roberts; 1929 Gus F. Taylor.



2012 to 2000: 2012 Eleno Licea; 2011 Neal Katz; 2010 Roy Guerra Martinez; 2009 Sharon Brown Wynne; 2008 Nathaniel Moran; 2007 Shannon Dacus; 2006 Ross Conner; 2005 Andy Fletcher Wells; 2004 Andy Bergfeld; 2003 Jay Ferguson; 2002 Jason Holmes; 2001 Lorei Threlkeld Knight; 2000 James Wynne III.

1999 to 1990: 1999 Mike Thomas; 1998 Nelson Clyde IV and Joey Seeber; 1997 Andy Navarro; 1996 Robert Peltier; 1995 Susan Davis; 1994 Loren Bennett; 1993 Kevin Eltife; 1992 Jan McCauley; 1991 Jerry Woolverton; 1990 Andy Guinn.

1989 to 1980: 1989 Barbara R. Bass and Tom M. Woldert; 1988 A.W. Whit Riter III; 1987 Lonny Uzzell; 1986 David Bibby; 1985 Chris Woldert; 1984 Henry Bell III; 1983 Lee Loftis Jr.; 1982 Phil Hurley; 1981 J. Cris Pinkerton; 1980 Greg Nordyke.

1979 to 1970: 1979 Franklin Shaffer; 1978 John Tindel; 1977 Art Johnson; 1976 Tommy Butler; 1975 James N. Daughtry; 1974 Stuart Chesley; 1973 Clark C. Corky Nelson; 1972 Joe Elliott Jr.; 1971 Robert W. Stone; 1970 Kenneth Barron.

1969 to 1960: 1969 Dr. Patrick Thomas; 1968 Richard Harvey; 1967 J. Robert Dobbs; 1966 James M. Scurlock; 1965 Tyler Junior Chamber; 1964 Frank Sewell Jr.; 1963 W. Abe Pounds Jr.; 1962 Dr. John Turner Jr.; 1961 Henry M. Bell Jr.; 1960 Byron Tunnell.

1959 to 1952: 1959 Horace Clarkston; 1958 A.W. "Dub" Riter Jr.; 1957 Smith Reynolds Jr.; 1956 Calvin Clyde Jr.; 1955 William Streckert; 1954 Harold Lawler; 1953 Sam Gibbons; 1952 Fred Bosworth.



Last year's recipients, honored for 2012, included Large Business of the Year Award given to John Soules Foods Inc.; and Small Business of the Year Award to Jim Toman Insurance. The Chamber's Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Ed Thompson, president of North Chase Development, for giving unselfishly of his time and talents to promote them mission and work for the Chamber. Cindy Smoak received the Mary Howes Award, which was created to honor a contact club member who showed outstanding performance in membership development, has been a member of the club for at least three years and achieved a minimum of five production awards. Ms. Smoak has earned 24 production awards.

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