When learning about the faith Nicodemus showed by seeking Jesus, participants at a five-day fine arts camp put on by Marvin United Methodist Church were on a faith walk of their own.

This week, the group of about 45 students - mostly in elementary and middle school - learned songs, choreography and the lines to the musical “Nic at Night,” by Kathie Hill. The group was set to present the play at the church on Friday evening, giving them about five days to prepare for the 35-minute production.

Many participants in the workshop and play said they learned a lot from the experience-musically, artistically and spiritually.

“It’s important to remember that you can’t do it all by yourself,” said Paige Lovejoy, 19, who played Aunt Ellen in the musical. “That’s what theater teaches and I think that’s what this story teaches.”

The musical tells the story of Nicodemus, a Pharisee who visits Jesus one night and is converted by his teachings.

Jim Broussard, Marvin United Methodist Church’s director of music and fine arts, said the students in the play learned a lot during the experience.

“Some of the kids have never been on a stage before and sung and memorized so much music and it was very daunting to them in the beginning,” Broussard said. “This experience helped them with just realizing what kinds of gifts God has given them.”

Broussard added that throughout the week, a variety of volunteers worked with the students to help them learn the music and choreography and prepare crafts for the musical.

He is thankful for everyone involved in the production and said before the musical took place that he thought the children would do well.

Morgan Miller, 11, played Nebbie, a child of one of Jesus’ followers in the musical. She said she enjoys being a part of Christian productions because it helps her remember Bible stories and strengthens her faith.

She said being a part of the fine arts camp and musical was fun and she enjoyed learning about Nicodemus.

“I like how he decided that he wanted to learn more about Jesus even though he was a Pharisee,” Miller said. “Pharisees didn’t believe Jesus was the son of God.” 



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