Some school districts experienced technical difficulties during the online portion of the STAAR test this week, causing confusion among students and administration. 

Tyler ISD, Pine Tree and Spring Hill ISD were among schools that reported various problems. 

Some schools reported glitches occurred after a student either officially logged out then logged back into the test, when there was 30 minutes of inactivity or when the district lost Internet connection. 

Some schools reported instances when correct answers to questions were not available for students to select, while others reported slow loading and submissions. 

Although Tyler ISD reported having problems, officials said Tyler schools were not among those that experienced questions where the correction answer options were not given. 

"The only issue we encountered was that the system was running slow with four test submissions," Dawn Parnell, executive director of communications, said.

Steven Snell, Spring Hill ISD superintendent said it was frustrating for his district. 

"It's the Superbowl of standard testing here," Snell said. "That causes undo stress on the teachers and the students."

Snell said students faced technical problems, but students still finished testing.

In Pine Tree, students who experienced problems had to retake their tests. 

"Those issues were resolved pretty quickly," Snell said.  

- Betty Waters and KYTX CBS19



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