TYLER (KYTX)-A local business owner is potentially taking a big hit after falling victim to a scam.

Grace Suess is the general manager of Premier Fitness in Tyler. As you can imagine, getting her gym's electricity cut off is her worst nightmare. That's where this scam artist comes in.

"I called the number and the guy tells me that they sent a notice out 10 days ago that we didn't respond to and because of that they were going to cut off our electricity to install a new meter," Suess said.

He said he was from Oncor and that electricians were already on their way to cut it off if Suess didn't give them 500 dollars.

"They had my account number, who our provider is, who owns the meter and everything so somehow they are getting information behind the scenes to be able to do this to you and make you think oh this is legit," Suess said.

Suess gave them her credit card number, but realized it may have been a scam and canceled her card. Charles hill with Oncor says a call from his company should've been the first red flag.

"We never call you asking for money for one of our projects. That's just something we don't do," Hill said.

We wanted to see what the scammer had to say for himself and all he had to say was, "goodbye lady."

When Suess called back today with our cameras rolling, this is what he had to say. "I'll come over there and smack the s*** out of you."

If you ever feel like someone may be scamming you, it's always recommended to call the company requesting the money to confirm they have in fact called you.

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