An airline passenger said this is Sen. Ted Cruz heading to Cancun.

Why freeze in the dark with the rest of Texas when you can jet set to a beach resort in Mexico for some quality time in the sun?

Now-viral photos on social media show Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on a flight from Houston to Cancun with his family Wednesday evening as his home state is crippled by a killer winter storm that knocked out power to millions, leaving Texans in the dark and without heat.

“Cruz seems to believe there isn’t much for him to do for the millions of fellow Texans who remain without electricity/water and are literally freezing,” tweeted David Shuster, a former MSNBC anchor who broke the story.

Shuster tweeted a photo of Cruz boarding a plane while wearing a mask and carry-on luggage.

Cruz did not immediately confirm or respond to the reports of his jaunt.

The photos do not conclusively show that Cruz was headed south of the border but Twitter users posted numerous clues like airport signs suggesting that he was on a United Airlines flight from Houston to Cancun Wednesday afternoon.

Cruz and other Texas Republicans were already under fierce attack for failing to prepare for the catastrophic winter storm and Arctic blast that has virtually brought the nation’s second-most-populous state to its knees.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and his allies who control all statewide offices in the GOP-run state are accused of ignoring warnings that the state’s power grid was highly vulnerable to a brutal winter storm.

About 600,000 remain without power as temperatures struggled to get back above the freezing mark. At least 24 have been killed across the south.

The lights could be out for days or even weeks as Texas’s outmatched power companies are overwhelmed with ice, snow and cold.

Cruz has a bullseye on his back because of his weasely criticism of other states that have undergone similar natural catastrophes.

The far right-winger, a skeptic of climate change, pointed to last summer’s disastrous California wildfires as a sign of the dangers of Democratic rule.

That remark that has boomeranged on him as GOP-run Texas has dramatically failed to cope. He had to admit he had “no defense” for the nasty jibes.


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