Painted rocks not welcome at Texas state parks


With the painted rock trend taking over, there is at least one place where they are not welcome.

In a recent post on its Facebook page, Texas Parks and Wildlife asked people to not leave painted rocks inside state parks.

“Texas State Parks have been established to protect special places,” the post reads. “Leaving modern painted rocks in the view of visitors to these beautiful and special parts of our state changes the view, changes the experience for the visitors, and makes it a little harder for some people to enjoy their stay in nature.

“While others may enjoy the painted rocks, we’d ask that you leave them in other places outside the park, so that we can enjoy both painted rocks and the special places we call State Parks.”

For those unfamiliar with the trend, people are painting rocks and hiding them inside and outside popular spots around town.

People typically use spray paint or acrylic paint and seal the rock with clear spray paint to protect it from the weather.

Texas Parks and Wildlife said while hiding the rocks, people may also disturb or damage plants and wildlife.

Hiding rocks in grassy areas also can be a mowing hazard too, the post reads.

“Following Leave No Trace principles during your visit helps the park remain beautiful and reduces the possibility of any human/animal conflicts,” the post reads.




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