More than 100 students participated in the 2014 Achievement Auditions presented by the East Texas Music Teachers Association on March 21 to 23.

The judged piano event took place at Christ Episcopal Church and at The University of Texas at Tyler, according to a news release.

Each student performed three memorized pieces for a judge, and 26 of those students were selected to play one piece in the Honors Recital.

Competition judges were Mario Ajero, of Nacogdoches, associate professor of piano at Stephen F. Austin State University; Jane Allen-Milner, of Tyler, Pollard United Methodist Church’s organist and children’s choir director; and Mary Tidwell, of Athens, Trinity Valley Community College Music Department instructor and coordinator.

Friday afternoon student performers were: Brian Solomon, Ava Fleet, Blake Solomon, Javier Destarac, Oliver Aguilar, Alberto Destarac, Natalie Aguilar, Ryken DeGroat, Jasper Delim, Ileen Walker, Ara Manalac, Jennifer Walker and Simar Bains.

Also: Alison Casper, Alanah Wynn, Emilie Casper, Grant Paul, Noah Fanous, Susannah Scott, Asher Fanous, Jonathan Scott, Ethan Fanous, Jordan Steele, Katie Crim and Adrienne Scott.

Saturday morning performers included: Mackenzie Speck, Savannah Morrison, Saachi Dalal, Kiymiya Lamea, Giancarlo Petosa, Lucy Wang, Michael Pitonak, Salina Jiang, Tatum Robert, Ethan Rhodes, Lydia Forehand, Will Knight, Seth Atkinson, Enzo Terrell and Benjamin Snyder.

Also: Ethan Atkinson, Kyle Cornelison, Ellie Morrow, Megan Frizzell, Kaden Cornelison, Charlie Lu, Seyi Olusola, Caleb Bowers, Eric Burdette, Bella Boulter, Cameron Eastman and Samuel Crow.

Other performers included Tristan Herrera, Abigail McKinney, Keaton Rosenlieb, Paul Ryder, Gabrielle Steele, Jessica Carmona, Cedrick Castillon, Hannah Hinrichsen, Megan Bixler, Marla David, Rhea Dhakal, and Erin Roberts.

Also: Oliver Aguilar, Elijah Medrano, Suzaan Erkin, Natalie Aguilar, Michelle Krutza, Channah Clayton, Arielle Gastilo and Maria Kariampuzha.

Saturday afternoon performers included: Alison Cooper, Hannah Hays, Arjun Rajesh, Trinity Smith, Aerin Fajardo, Alan Potter, Macy Bonds, Robyn Fajardo, Ethan Potter, Kyle Ferrer, Gabrielle Mercado, Zoe Francisco, C.J. Nagamos, Micheal Le, Emily Hyland, Sean Nagamos, Jasmine Segaya, Julie Smith, Ethan Barton, Luiangelo Montes, Juliana Leach and Shobit Gupta.

Also: Morgan Miller, Kevin Tang, Jim Clyde Rubia, Brenna Smith, Michael Tang, Allison Smith and Hayden Rasure.

The 15-point trophy winners included: Jessica Carmona, Marla David, Maria Kariampuzha, Luiangelo Montes, Ethan Potter, Sean Nagamos, Hannah Hinrickson, Micheal Tang, Salima Jiang, Trinity Smith, Brian Solomon, Tristan Herrera and Keaton Rosenlieb.

The 30-point trophy winners included: Matthew DeLeon, Shobbit Gupta, Micheal Le, Kyle Ferrer, Saachi Dalal and Gabrielle Steele.

The 45-point trophy winner was Noah Fanous.

Honors Recital winners were: Caleb Bowers, Hannah Hinrichsen, Rhea Dhakal, Elijah Medrano, Michelle Krutza, Jessica Carmona, Will Knight, Michael Le, Seyi Olusola, Kevin Tang, Michael Tang, Brenna Smith, Allison Smith, Seth Atkinson, Kaden Cornelison, Alanah Wynn, Ileen Walker, Natalie Aguilar, Kyle Cornelison, Jordan Steele, Tristan Herrera, Jennifer Walker, Abigail McKinney, Alison Casper, Emilie Casper and Paul Ryder.

These students represented 15 local private piano teachers including Marygwen Arnold, Laura Bozeman, Brian Braquet, Leah Brown, Donna Calaway, Vanessa Chisler, Vicki Conway, Kelli Cooper, Shelly Davis, NCTM, Alison Isbell Johnson, Stephanie Johnson, Margaret Miller, NCTM, Jo Quinata, Michelle Thompson and Judy Wilkins, NCTM.



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