New WuMo comic strip debuts today


The Danish invasion of America’s newspapers starts today, here in Tyler and elsewhere.

“Wumo,” a comic strip that started in Copenhagen and has been distributed for the last 10 years in Europe, is debuting in the Tyler Morning Telegraph and more than 200 other daily newspapers nationwide.

“If you, like me, went into mourning when Gary Larson stopped distributing his daily ‘Far Side’ comic panel in 1995, this should appeal to you,” said Tyler Paper Editor Dave Berry.

Universal Uclick, which distributes the strip in the United States, said the comic has become extremely popular in Europe because it “celebrates life’s absurdity and bittersweet ironies, holding up a funhouse mirror to our modern world and those who live in it.”The name of the strip is derived from the last names of its creators, Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler. Their approach to humor ranges from social satire to slapstick.

“While Danish humor may be a bit different than humor in this country, the laugh-out-loud quotient for this strip is very high,” Berry said. “‘WuMo’ has an offbeat, somewhat silly and unexpected style. It is unique enough we are featuring it Monday through Saturday on Page Two rather than on our comic page. Each Thursday, an additional weekly version will appear in the Tyler Paper’s Yes! section.”

“We hope ‘WuMo’ puts a smile on your face.” Berry said. “That’s our goal. So, give it a try, and let us know what you think.”


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