Retired Gen. Howard Fish, a World War II veteran and resident at Meadow Lake Senior Living Center, proudly described his days in the service as a great adventure - an adventure in which he saw more than his share of action. 

"I served in combat in World War II, Korea and Vietnam," Fish said. "I was shot down over Vienna Austria and captured. .... After escaping, I was recaptured, and I crash landed twice."

Fish joined the military after high school and retired from the Airforce after 37 years of service.

At the age of 92, Fish remembers his time in the military well. He said he jumped at opportunities while in the military to further his education, adding that he went in with a high school education and came out with two masters degrees.

Fish is just one of dozens of veterans featured in a display at Meadow Lake Senior Living Center intended to honor veterans such as himself. 

The Wall of Honor, which opened at the Meadow Lake's community center several months ago, features veterans from all branches of the military with photographs. The display is open for residents and visitors to view.

"We started with 25 photos in the initial unveiling of the Wall of Honor, and now we have 44," Sarah Klepfer, director of resident services, said. "We want to continue to add to the wall in honor of our veterans."

In addition to honoring the community's veterans, she said the Wall of Honor also has fostered camaraderie among residents. 

"First, I was really surprised to see how many veterans we have living here," Fish said. "It's remarkable because you wouldn't expect it.

"After seeing how many veterans are on the wall, I've made it an appointment to chat with them during Saturday breakfast, and it gave us a focus," he added. "It's nice to talk with others about common experiences."

The Wall of Honor is on display for public view at the Meadow Lake Senior Living Center, 16044 County Road 165 in Tyler. 




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