One of the main players in a organized theft ring entered a guilty plea this morning for his role in the scheme.

Stolen identities were used to apply for loans, which would then be defaulted upon, leaving the identity theft victims owning thousands.

Brandon Sessions, 34, entered his plea of guilty this morning in the 241st Court with the Honorable Jack Skeen Jr. presiding. He was sentenced to 20 years as part of the plea deal.

Sessions was one of 21 suspects in the case defrauding 45 victims of more than $70,000.

Tyler Police Officer Royce Jordan stated in his affidavits that the first victim contacted Tyler Police on Jan. 8, and that his personal information had been used without his consent to obtain a loan from ACE Cash, and he owed $1,302.72.

Two days later the victim contacted police again saying his information had been used a second time to obtain a $692 loan from




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