From worries about having a baby during the Super Bowl to naming his “spirit animal,” Patrick Mahomes was asked a lot of fun questions this week leading up to today’s Super Bowl.

Here is a look at some of his answers, as the Whitehouse native also brought up his trainer, Bobby Stroupe from Tyler:

Question: When is the due date?

Mahomes: I’m not supposed to tell but it’s coming up very quickly! We are extremely ready, we’re excited, we have everything planned out and every gadget and toy you can have to be great parents.

(With a laugh, he says:) At the same time, I’m telling her to hold off until after the game. But whatever happens, it happens. But if we can wait until two weeks after the game, it would be ideal..

After Sunday, hopefully we can win and I can celebrate with my teammates as much as possible, then I am preparing to be a dad. It’s going to be special to have a baby girl. To be there, be a part of it and be the best dad I possibly can.

And luckily, I have a great support system around me that can help teach me. The guys in the locker room, my parents and the community can help me be the best parent I possibly can.

Question from NFL Play 60 Kid: Can I still be a Mahomie? And if so what is a Mahomie?

Mahomes: Oh, you can always be a Mahomie! A Mahomie is someone who helps others and someone who loves being part of the community and making the world a better place.

Question from NFL Play 60 Kid, “Your teammate, Tyrann Mathieu, is nicknamed ‘the Honey Badger.’ What do you think your spirit animal nickname is?

Mahomes: I would like to be a wolf. Kind of run around my pack, be a leader, try to attack and be seen as a leader as much as possible.

Question: What about (teammate and tight end) Travis Kelce?

Mahomes: Travis ... it has to be something funny. A giraffe. He’s out there racing around the field and trying to make something happen. He can run around and do different things and he’s always a good time

Question: How much have (trainer) Bobby Stroupe and APEC in Tyler helped you in your career?

Patrick Mahomes: It’s helped tremendously. I mean, I’ve worked out with Bobby since I was in fourth grade and I feel I’ve got stronger and more athletic every year since then. He trains me to push harder every year in the off season. I think the best part is he knows where my limit is and he helped push me to that every single time. He’s not going to take it easy on me and he’s going to get the best out of me every day.

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