The decision to allow liquor sales in the city of Overton was separated by four votes with 246 Rusk County's votes still unreported as of press time Tuesday.

Early Rusk County votes and Smith County totals showed 66 votes with 35 votes, or 53 percent, for and 31 votes, or 47 percent, against. 

Proposition 1, would allow liquor sales for off-premise consumption and the sale of mixed drinks in bars and restaurants. 

The Rusk County election office had not reported any precinct votes as of 11:30 p.m. Mayor C.R. Evans said Rusk County election officials told him 246 Overton residents cast ballots Tuesday.

Overton voters approved beer and wine sales in November 2014 with 300 votes for and 62 votes against in a town with 1,321 registered voters.

Visit Wednesday for the outcome of this election. 

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