LONGVIEW (KYTX) - For eight years, Lori Horn has asked the city of Longview to fix the draining culverts near her neighborhood. She said the water from the recent severe weather flooding looked like rapids.

Horn's home is in a flood zone, but she said recent flooding reached new heights. She said the water has reached up to 10 inches an believes the city's expansion is causing the issue. She said adding more concrete around her property is making it worse.

"Help us get out of this if you're just gonna keep building, building and building," Horn said. "I just want the city to fix the problem instead of telling me I need to move."

Horne said the drain culverts are not helping because the levels of water have increased. She said the city created more water drainage into the creek and it created a tremendous water run-off that runs through her property.

Rolin McPhee is the Public Works Director for the city of Longview, and says the city is making an effort to work on the culverts by Horn's neighborhood.

"It's been the city of Longview's policy to participate in the FAME flood insurance program," McPherson said. "The city pursues projects to alleviate those flooding concerns where there shouldn't be any."

McPhee said the erosion will be taken care of but Horn's request to dig out the creek will not happen. He said it won't help the problem.


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