Beverly Grage, a Lindale resident and wildlife rehabilitator, has been looking after a bald eagle found flightless on a rural road in Nacogdoches two weeks ago.

The eagle still is showing no signs of injury but oddly remains flightless. All blood tests have come back with no confirmed issue or result indicating any toxins or poisoning. The eagle is being kept in a stabilization box until the weather warms up and the ice is off the ground.

"I house over 70 birds currently, and I have a 100 foot flight cage I am eager to put the eagle in," Ms. Grage said. "I'm happy that he is eating, he eats fish often and fish is cheaper than rats and mice."

 The eagle eats fresh whole tilapia that has been gutted from the grocery store and then every other day eats mice.

"It costs me about $3 a day to feed the eagle," Ms. Grage said. She has all the cages and space that she needs, she says, but she needs vet wrap, a stretchy material that is self-adhesive that acts as a bandage. Vet wrap can found at medical supply stores. Donations can be sent to 13446 Country Road 4178 Lindale TX 75771. 

Ms. Grage has a gofundme account set up for her rehabilitation center. The account can be found at Ms. Grage has a state wildlife rehabilitation permit that gets updated each year.




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