It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for some people but you can't go wrong with the gift of wellness. But stay away from gifts that could be misconstrued as a personal message about the receiver's weight or judgment that they need to get moving. (Unless, of course, they specifically ask for an item).

If you know they're health conscious and/or seek encouragement, gift away. Just make sure to stick with simple and fun items that will help with your loved one's or friend's fitness goals.



Have you always wanted to try acupressure but couldn't shovel out $30 to $70 or more for each visit? Yantra Mat has plastic spikes that give similar effects of acupressure therapy. This ancient Chinese practice is said to help relieve stress, headaches, tension and neck and back pain. It's available at for $49.



You know her. Sweats and a T-shirt won't do. She shows up at the gym with a matching outfit, hair neatly pinned back with a fashionable headband and other accessories. If she's into yoga, try this Bhakti bag by prAna. It has colorful Eastern-inspired detail that's sure to match at least one of her outfits. It's available at for $40. If she's a runner, try this reflective running headband for $19.



Maybe it'll take some time for your friend or loved one to get into the groove of adopting a lifestyle. If they have a desk job, or do work while on that couch at home, a balance ball chair could be a great way to sneak in some low-impact exercise. A balance ball is ergonomic, strengthening the core muscles and improving posture. It also reduces nerve compression. The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is available at for $79.98.



These yoga-inspired cookie cutters are for the health conscious who gives in to their sweet tooth sometimes. They can mix up a healthier version of a gingerbread, granola or oatmeal cookie recipe and share them with fellow yoga enthusiasts and foodies. They're available for $8.50 each at



If your loved one likes to shake it to Latin rhythms in a Zumba class, then they'll appreciate dance lessons at Mangos Dancesport and Wellness Center, at 809 E. Erwin St. Buy them a $45 annual membership or a single class. Purchases can be made online through PayPal ( or at the center. They offer salsa, ballroom, Zumba and meditation classes. Call 903-593-6262 for details.



Wanting to splurge on your avid runner? Try this Garmin Forerunner 610, which will set you back for $349.99 at This touchscreen monitor allows runners to track the details of their run, swipe and tap pages, and it can withstand rain and sweat. The innovative tracker also can be operated with gloves on.



Don't forget about the kids. Try these adorable Skip Hop Zoo insulated lunch bags, which is perfect for packing healthy meals. They are available at for $14.



Don't' know what to get the person who is trying out exercise for the first time? A foam roller is inexpensive and easy for anyone to try. They range in price, but are $18.79 at Fitness rollers help strengthen the core and can be used during various workouts.


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