The bullet holes and shattered glass discovered Friday morning at Dobbs and Tittle Attorney offices on Woods Boulevard unnerved David Dobbs as he contemplated who might be responsible.

Dobbs spoke with the Tyler Morning Telegraph Friday morning about the incident and wondered aloud if his representation of embattled Whitehouse Police Chief Craig Shelton and the events of May 14 in Whitehouse were connected to the bullet holes.

"We have never had any vandalism here at the offices," he said. "We did have some benches stolen from in front of the office once, but no one has ever caused damage to the building like this."

Dobbs' client Shelton has been the focus of both a criminal and a policy violation investigation surrounding a May 14 incident in the 200 block of Memory Lane in Whitehouse, in which he is accused of assaulting a woman married to one of his officers. The events of that night also are said to involve City Manager Kevin Huckabee, an IT contractor for the city and three police officers.

Shelton has been indicted on a Class A misdemeanor assault charge and is accused of assaulting Cpl. Shawn Johnson's wife. Shelton was cleared on charges of official oppression and false report.

Dobbs' said his sense of worry increased when he learned Friday that the IT contractor linked to the case also reported gunfire at his home.

The contractor found his gate entry pad and a security camera had been shotout by a high-powered rifle sometime during Thursday night.

"Just mine would be a coincidence, but two people connected to the case on the same night?" Dobbs questioned.

The IT contractor, Shelton and Huckabee were all in the same vehicle driving around Whitehouse before they stopped at a home on Memory Lane, where Cpl. Johnson's wife lived. After they left the home, Ms. Johnson reported she had been assaulted by Shelton.

Late Friday, Dobbs said he had been notified that a Re/Max real estate office in his vicinity had also been targeted.

"I feel better now," he said.

Tyler Police say they are investigating the shooting at Dobbs' office and the Remax office, and Smith County Sheriff's Office is investigating the shooting at the IT contractor's home, but details about the investigations have no been released from either agency.

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