Students in Mrs. Kempton’s speech class at The Brook Hill School finished off their semester with mock interviews given by Brook Hill staff. Kempton wanted students to practice a combination of things they learned this semester, and she believes interviews were best for that.

“Not only do they need to be able to speak articulately, make eye contact and maintain good posture, everything they have to do for a speech, you also have to do for a job interview,” Kempton said.

Student Bryan Ofuokwu said his favorite speech this semester was his demonstrative speech, where he spoke to the class on how to run in track. As for how his interview went, he remained calm and said it was easy for him to simply answer questions about himself.

“We had to send a resume and act like we were applying for a job,” Ofuokwu said. “I think public speaking is good for me.”

-Brook Hill School Communications

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