Construction is expected to begin soon on a playground area project at Bergfeld Park, City of Tyler Parks Board members were told Monday.

The project includes rebuilding and expanding the park's play area.

During the board's regular meeting, City of Tyler Parks and Recreation Director Stephanie Rollings spoke about the design for the playground area, as well as funding.

She said the new playground area features two different levels, along with slides. Plans also include two playgrounds for different ages, a crushed granite trail, landscaping, mulch, seating areas and merry-go-round.

"I think it's a really unique playground and will be unique to Bergfeld, certainly," Ms. Rollings said.

As far as funding, various churches in the area are donating to the project, she said.

She said with additional funding from half-cent sales tax revenue, the project likely will be able to start next budget year, which begins in October.

The playground area is only the first phase of the master plan for Bergfeld Park.

Tyler City Councilman Don Warren, chairman of the Bergfeld Park Improvement Project, said in March that the second phase involves focusing on Broadway Avenue landscaping, as well as signage and improvements to "Splasher," the dolphin water feature.

Also included in the master plan, he previously said, is tree trimming and picnic pads, improvements to the tennis courts, improved lighting and ultimately renovations to the amphitheater.

Ms. Rollings said fundraising for the first phase continues until October, and the more money that comes in through fundraising, the more half-cent sales tax revenue that can be transitioned into another phase of the master plan.

"It really depends on what ends up happening before October," Ms. Rollings said.

City Engineer Carter Delleney also gave an update on the proposed extension of the South Tyler Trails to Faulkner Park.

Ms. Rollings said in May that residents will be able to use that trail extension for commuting and fitness.

Once the extension is built, "they can realistically get from Robert E. Lee (High School), which is the Loop (323), all the way to ... Faulkner," she said.

Delleney said the initial hope was the trail extension could be part of the Cumberland Road extension project, but that is not a reality. The Cumberland Road project, which is proposed as a four-lane road with sidewalks, currently is under construction and is projected to be complete in summer 2016.

Delleney said the city knew it wanted to have a trail connection as well, so it had a consultant, Brannon Corp., work on possible locations for the trail, which will connect to Faulkner Park.

For now, he said, the trail is still in the planning phase.

Although a solid route has not been identified, he did say that the trail won't be one single path.

The trail project is anticipated to cost about $3 million. Delleney said he believes the construction timeline should take about a year from start to finish. He said construction should begin once funding is allocated in the half-cent program.

He said the trail is not in the budget next fiscal year and will be looked at for possible grants in the future.

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