Shirley Nicholas brought personalized sack lunches of Whataburger cheeseburgers and fries for each of her two great grandchildren at Orr Elementary School on Monday.

Nicholas was one of dozens of family members who had lunch with students for the annual “Grubbing with Grands” event that coincides with National Grandparents Day, which was Sunday.

Carlton Jett has 16 grandchildren, and he was more than happy to have lunch with his grandson Jayden Monsiavis, 8, who is in the third grade.

“Spending time means something to kids,” Jett said. “You have to reach one to teach one.”

Orr Principal Steven Young said the event is important for families because it allows them an opportunity to come inside the school and experience the learning environment that their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren experience everyday. Enrollment at the school is over 700 students from Head Start through fifth grade.

Even students whose families could not attend lunch still benefited from the event. Van and Shirley Hughes sat at a table packed with third-graders, including their grandson Anthony Hughes, 8. The students took turns chatting with the elder Hughes asking him questions ranging from his favorite book to how he got so many wrinkles.

The Hughes’ have a love for children, having adopted 10 of their own. Mrs. Hughes is a former teacher. She enjoyed seeing the school through a visitor’s eyes.

“I’ve always wanted to come to this event, but I’ve always been busy teaching,” she said.


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